Can You Tow an Electric Vehicle?

There’s nothing worse than being stranded on a hard shoulder. Breaking down on a long journey or playing “chicken” with your emergency warning light means pulling over and waiting for roadside rescue. However, for an electric vehicle, there are more things to consider. 

Why Can’t Certain Electric and Hybrid Cars Tow?

There are a number of reasons why your electric or hybrid cannot be towed. Because of the EV battery packs, an electric vehicle typically weighs more than the same sized fossil-fuelled car. Chances are the van that is doing the towing will not be able to drive with the weight of the electric vehicle attached to it.

Also, electric vehicles do not have a neutral position, like other cars. This means that if you towed it, the wheels would remain in contact with the road, resulting in damages. An alternative to this would ensure that the breakdown recovery service has a flatbed truck to transport the broken down electric vehicle. 

Freewheeling Hub 

Most recently, AA has produced an easier method for breakdown service that would benefit EVs across the UK. The Freewheeling Hub involves fixing the rear windows, meaning customers do not have to wait for flatbed trucks. This will benefit not just electric vehicles that cannot be towed, but also petrol and diesel cars that have seized brakes or electric handbrakes. 

When purchasing an electric vehicle, it is important to be aware of what to do if your vehicle breaks down. If you are worried about running out of charge, alternative solutions should be considered.

Portable EV Charging

But is there a way to avoid roadside rescuing? Needing a tow could vary from a mechanical fault to not having a spare tire. Often it is to do with having a flat battery, leaving an electric vehicle driver stranded.

Portable EV chargers mean a driver can easily prevent running out of charge causing the battery to flatten. Instead of having to plan your journey around available charging points or EV charging stations, using a portable EV charger means the driver gets to decide when and where to recharge. Get rid of any range anxiety you might feel and enjoy the journey, knowing your battery will last.

Hiring a portable EV charger is also a cost-effective method, especially if you are only needing a car for a certain period of time. If you renting an electric vehicle, for experience on a holiday or business trip, it is worth considering as you might be in a new location unaware of the local charging points. Having your own set-up means you get to choose where you charge and not have to worry about not making a journey or queueing at charging stations. For more information on destination charging, click here.

Elite Electric Vehicle

Here at Elite EV Charge, we offer permanent and temporary charging solutions for electric cars across the UK. Stay connected no matter how off-grid or remote your journey may seem. Our chargers provide drivers with the opportunity to set up charging points anywhere. So your electric vehicle will never run out of charge and require a tow truck.

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