When Should I Hire a Portable EV Charger?

Hiring a portable EV charger is a great way to assure that you will have enough charge for any journey. Drivers can choose when and where to charge their vehicle, not having to rely on public charging stations, where queues may be too long. However, there are certain occasions that would benefit more from portable charging than the typical drive.  

Event Charging

If driving to an event, there are many considerations to make before setting off. Will there be enough parking spaces? How far will it be from the event? Will you be in a fit state to drive afterwards? Drunk driving aside, for electric vehicles other points should be examined. For example, if it’s an all-day event, drivers may worry that they will not have enough charge for the journey there and back. Especially if when leaving there are major queues that waste your charge and time between finding a public EV charge point. 

Also, if there are charging points available, chances are there are not enough to charge every vehicle; meaning it would be a first-come, first-charge situation. Whether it’s music festivals such as Glastonbury, or sporting events such as the upcoming FA Cup Final in May; EV drivers can benefit from hiring a portable EV charger specifically for the event. They wouldn’t need to worry about running out of charge for the journey home, as whilst they are enjoying the festivities, the portable EV charger will be doing its work.

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Hiring a Car

No one wants to get lost on holiday, though it is pretty much given. Many when travelling abroad, or for weekends away, will hire a car rather than relying on public transport. This is a great opportunity to test an electric car for a short period of time and hiring a portable EV charger will mean your driving experience will run smoother. If you are in a foreign location and are unsure of your surroundings, portable charging solutions are ideal as you will not have to worry about getting stranded without charge. A portable EV charger means that you can charge your EV whenever you like; making sure you always stay connected.

This is the same for day trips, or if you hire an electric car for journeys around off-grid and remote places. For example, places like the Peak and Lake Districts offer stunning English country views. However, there are very few available public charge points and drivers may worry about not having enough juice for the drive home. With portable EV chargers, this worry is eliminated. You can park and charge your car, whilst further exploring the sights on foot. 

Leasing an Electric Car

More and more drivers are making the decision to lease a car, rather than buy. It can be more cost-effective and better for your insurance, as you are essentially hiring a car for a long period. Electric vehicles usually can be rented and a portable EV charger should be considered for these leases.

For those unfamiliar with the EV network, drivers may need to rely on portable charging, as they might not know how long they will need to charge and where the charging stations are located in their area. Yet, with a portable EV charger, drivers do not have to worry about this. 

Elite EV Charge

Here at Elite, we offer temporary and permanent portable charging solutions for electric vehicles across the UK. There are many different scenarios where renting a portable EV charger will benefit drivers, rather than queueing at a public charging station. It will decrease any “range anxiety” you have for a particular journey, as no matter how off-grid or remote your location is, this will not matter. The driver will get to decide where and when to recharge; not needing to wait for an EV charger.

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