Why Should You Use a Mobile EV Charging Service?

As more and more electric vehicles (EVs) are being sold, society needs further charging solutions around the UK. Currently, the amount is not meeting demand and EV drivers need different and innovative ways to make sure they stay fully charged no matter how long or how off-grid the journey is. But why use a mobile EV charging service? Obviously, there are other options, such as public charging stations and even home charging points. However, there are many benefits to a mobile EV charging service that make it the ideal choice for EV owners.

Not Enough Charging Points

As aforementioned, there are not enough chargers to meet the demand of how many electric vehicles are being sold. Even studies have shown that by the 2030 ban on new fossil-fuelled cars, the UK will need at least 10 times more charging points. And this is primarily down to the location. For example, in London, there are more chargers per 100,000 people than places such as Yorkshire and Humber, yet due to the population, London still doesn’t have enough to satisfy all EV drivers. This is why renting a mobile EV service should be considered.


A mobile EV charging service gives a driver free range with their choices of charging. You shouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice on your journeys. Using portable chargers allows EV drivers to take the reins with when and where they recharge. It’s a great way to monitor the electricity that is consumed, which is often not thought about at charging stations. This way, you can recharge on the go and know how much you are using.

It also means you don’t need to queue at charging stations or points. Aside from the fear of “petrol shortages”, you don’t seem to see massive queues at petrol stations, as they are so frequently placed throughout towns and cities. Whereas, there is only a handful of charging points in less populated areas. Having your own portable charger allows you to charge on the go and not have to worry about not making any journey.


Renting a charger means that your costs will not add up every time you recharge. You would pay a set price for the hire, then all your additional charges would be included in this total. This is a great way to save money, as charging station prices can always increase and add up.

Also, using portable chargers can help the sales of electric vehicles. RAC has warned that the lack of charging points will “hinder” the number of EVs sold in the UK, even with new battery plants being built. Having an independent charger means you are helping with this problem as it will significantly reduce the number of queues at public charging stations.

Our Services

Elite Charging is an EV charger company that promotes the usage of mobile charging services. Don’t spend your time queueing at charging stations. With our temporary and permanent charging services, you are in control of where and when you charge. Going for a hike in the Moors? Don’t worry, our mobile EV charging service allows you to stay fully charged no matter how off-grid your location is. Our team understands the importance of having full accessibility no matter the journey. And we aim to help the planet lower its carbon footprint. One charger at a time.

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