Euros 2020: How Vehicle Charging Can Get Us Back to the Games

This Friday, the 2020 Euros officially kick-off, with matches being held across the continent for the first time in the tournament’s 60-year history. The final is being held at Wembley stadium, as we prepare to relax all social distancing rules and welcome fans back properly. But how can we make football matches that bit more accessible? With more people driving electric vehicles (EV’s) than ever before, we need to accommodate and fast.

Destination chargers that connect to the grid are great for cities, but not for off-the-grid locations, and it can be expensive to implement and set up. When it comes to vehicle charging for events such as football matches and music festivals, battery storage solutions can provide an alternative to the charging infrastructure, and are much more practical for large scale occasions. Our chargers can accommodate all kinds of electric vehicles and events, and that’s just the beginning…

More Accessibility

There are around 239,000 pure electric vehicles on our roads right now, with an added 259,000 plug-in hybrids on top of that. More people are understanding the benefits of driving a greener vehicle, but there are still issues that present themselves that we need to address. For instance, range anxiety is a genuine problem that can scare potential EV drivers, as there aren’t many charging points scattered across the country; usually, they’re clumped together in big towns or cities.

By providing battery storage chargers to events such as football matches, we can encourage more EV drivers to attend these events, which in turn increases momentum for the EV movement. The more electric cars and vans that are seen on the street, the more it encourages others to opt for a greener vehicle too, as more chargers that aren’t connected to the grid make a name for themselves across the country.

Electric Vehicles Attracts More People

A major factor that deters people from looking towards an electric vehicle, and deters current EV drivers from travelling long distance, is the range anxiety that they can experience. Most chargers are available in populated towns and cities, with more remote locations being left in the dark. At destinations such as supermarkets and public car parks, EV charging points are few and far between, and we need to place more chargers around the country to accommodate for more drivers.

Now that football stadiums are welcoming back more people, we need to present more opportunities for EV drivers to venture to these events. Our battery storage EV chargers can be deployed anywhere across the country and can even support existing technology already connected to the infrastructure. To view our full range of services, please visit us here.

Why Choose Battery Storage Charging Over Fixed Point?

As previously mentioned, fixed point chargers aren’t available in some locations in the UK, particularly off-the-grid areas such as the Lake District. They can be found in these locations, but they aren’t as easy to find, and EV drivers must religiously plan their route to ensure they don’t lose charge. This can be done through an app called Zap Map, but EV drivers shouldn’t have to worry like petrol and diesel drivers don’t.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy our cutting-edge chargers to locations across the UK, such as football events and music festivals, as well as destinations in more remote locations. To find out more, or to hire out our state-of-the-art chargers, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.