Thieves Targeting Home EV Charging Point Cables

As more EV drivers are installing a home EV charging point, crimes have been committed around the UK. You should feel safe in your own home, which is one of the benefits of having a home EV charging point. That you can charge your car safely before a journey. However, thieves are targeting these cables and then selling them on the market for up to £200.

With the ban on fossil-fuelled cars in 2030, we will need to rely on charging cables as the majority of vehicles on the road will most likely be electric. There will need to be more electric vehicle charging solutions available and methods in place to combat theft.

How Can You Combat Cable Theft?

There are ways to combat the theft of home EV charging point cables. For those that are lucky to have garages, installing a charging point inside will more than likely stop thefts, compared to cables left outside. Not only will this keep your cable safe, but it can also help stop your car from freezing throughout the winter months. However, there are disadvantages to home charging stations, as they can be disruptive to the local grid and cause problems long-term.

Other charging companies have also suggested other methods, such as securing the cable with a padlock much like leaving a bicycle. If you have a spare cable, you can pass a loop through the spokes of your wheel and secure it that way. Also, EV drivers can install dash cameras so if a theft does occur, you have an image of the culprit that can be used as evidence. Make sure you take precautions whenever you are charging your electric car.

Portable EV Chargers

Portable EV chargers allow you to charge on the go without having to queue at public charging stations. Unlike a home EV charging point, these chargers are safe to use and cost-effective. Ideal for those renting a car for particular holidays or events. However, it is still important to remain vigilant when charging. Find a suitable and safe location that does not attract attention. We recommend installing some level of security, such as cameras and ensuring your cable is fully secure.

Some recommend parking on the cable, however, this can eventually wear it down; which would be a problem for rented chargers. If parking on the cable is the easiest solution, make sure you purchase a plastic cover, so there is a level of protection between the wheel and cable.

Elite Electric Vehicle

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide and install temporary and permanent EV charging solutions throughout the UK. There are many benefits to switching to portable EV chargers, rather than a home EV charging point or public charging stations. It’s just about finding the right electric vehicle charging company to supply all your charging needs. That’s where Elite come in!

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