How Portable Electric Vehicle Charge Points Can Benefit London Drivers?

In the country’s capital, there are 32 London boroughs and the City of London. With the Greater London area being the county with the highest population in the UK, it’s no wonder that the government has made sure to focus on installing electric vehicle charge points around each borough. Especially concentrating on the City of London and its inner boroughs.


Yet, as the government makes actions toward greener solutions and carbon-free driving, it is important to distinguish which boroughs are meeting the demand for charge points. And, which ones are lacking. Find out more information on which London boroughs have the most available electric car chargers here and how portable EV chargers can help.

City of London

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has focused on installing electric vehicle charge points throughout the city. There have also been actions to encourage drivers to stop driving petrol and diesel cars and switch to electric. All through government incentives and congestion charges. Cars that are not fully electric have to pay a daily charge of £12.50 when driving through the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which covers all areas between the North and South Circular Roads.  


This is also the same for the Congestion charge in the City of London. However, unlike the ULEZ which runs 24/7, London’s Congestion charge only runs for 15 hours per day; when traffic is expected. So, given the city’s intention of switching to electric vehicles, this should mean that there needs to be an increase in charge points. Otherwise, queues will eventually build up at public stations and create even more congestion. 


Instead of using public EV charging stations, why not consider hiring your own portable EV charger? This way, the driver has the freedom to charge their vehicle whenever and wherever they like. Not just relying on what is available around them. For more information, check out our EV charging services here

Inner Boroughs

There are 12 inner London boroughs surrounding the city, including Greenwich, Islington and Hackney. Mostly, the boroughs that are closest to the city centre have the most public electric vehicle charge points. However, sometimes, this is not the case.


Back in 2021, Westminster City Council, in partnership with Siemens, installed over 1,00o electric vehicle charge points throughout the city. It became the first London borough to reach this milestone and was installed in both residential and commercial areas. Currently, there are 1,147 public charging stations available for around 2,852 privately owned electric vehicles. 


Slightly further afield, Camden, known for its market, is currently lacking EV charge points. There are around 2,391 electric vehicles that are forced to share only 370 electric vehicle charge points. Of course, this number will increase. But, as it stands, there are not enough chargers to meet demand.


For these situations, portable chargers are ideal. Though home charging points can also help, there is a lack of on-street charging throughout the London area. Especially closer to the city. Therefore, EV drivers may only have the opportunity to set up charge points at their place of work or other locations such as supermarkets. Destination charging is a great solution to this problem. With portable EV chargers, drivers can ensure their vehicle is fully charged wherever they go. 

Outer Boroughs

As we go further out, the ratio of charge points to electric vehicles begins to decrease. The outer London boroughs especially are poorly served and do not meet the demand that the 2030 ban will ensue. 


One of the worst boroughs for electric vehicle charge points, the east London suburb only has 31 public chargers to be shared between 1,143 electric vehicles. This accumulates to at least 45 cars fighting for each charge point. In these cases, “charge rage” can occur, which can mean heated arguments between drivers wanting to charge their vehicle. 


As the government primarily will focus on the city and inner boroughs, it is hard to estimate when this problem will be resolved. Consequently, alternative solutions should be considered. Portable EV chargers give the driver the opportunity to ensure they will have enough charge to make any journey. EV drivers may worry that they will not make a certain journey due to a lack of charging points available. Especially in Havering where it is practically guaranteed there will be a queue. This way, drivers can skip waiting in long queues and independently charge their EV in peace.

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, our team of specialists supplies and install electric vehicle charge points across the UK. Based in Surrey, we understand the benefit that portable EV chargers can offer for numerous situations. Whether this is for destination charging or setting up points at events. We are here to help; one charger at a time.


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