What Are The Benefits Of An EV?

Currently, fully electric vehicles make up 11% of all new cars sold worldwide. This figure is only anticipated to increase over time. An ev has a lot of advantages in addition to being much better for the environment, hence their popularity. Because of this, automobile manufacturers have budgeted £1.2 trillion to design and construct EVs by 2030. Since the transportation sector, emits the most CO2 that warms the planet, this is probably good news for the environment. But what other advantages exist besides the obvious ones?

No Congestion Charge

Clean Air Zones are being implemented in some areas, and they come with fees that are intended to deter polluting vehicles from entering those zones. Being exempt from these fees is a significant advantage of an electric vehicle.

Less Noise

Compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs are much quieter. Electric vehicles don’t have internal combustion engines, so they produce very little noise and vibration even at low speeds. In fact, because electric vehicles are so silent, it is now a legal requirement for them to have an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS) that makes a noise when reversing or moving at less than 12 mph (19 km/h).

Free Parking

Free, priority, or designated parking spaces for electric vehicles that are conveniently located for access are frequently available. For instance, Milton Keynes offers more than 15,000 free parking spaces in the city centre for drivers of electric vehicles.

Better Resale Value

If you want to switch from a gasoline vehicle to an electric one, used electric vehicles might be a great, affordable option. The sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles will be prohibited starting in 2030, so keep that in mind as well. Therefore, selling your EV will be more valuable when you want to change your vehicle.

Better Driving

When easing off the gas, EVs accelerate more quickly and brake more efficiently. Their typical low centre of gravity enhances handling, comfort, and safety. To improve the driving experience, the electric engine offers quiet operation, smooth acceleration and deceleration, and more. There are also no gears to worry about, so all you have to do is climb inside, hit the start button, select drive on the gear selector, and you’re off.


Several programmes aid in the transition to driving electric vehicles. The government offers grants for both purchasing a new EV and installing charging stations at home and at work. Therefore, making the change to an EV a lot easier!

Elite Electric Vehicle Chargers 

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