How Are Train Stations Incorporating EV Charge Points?

When it comes to travelling, especially long distances, sometimes trains are the most convenient. As there are so many train stations, travellers can get from one side of the country to the other in a matter of hours. And drivers that are looking for “EV charge points near me” can utilise these locations for their own gain.


Find out more about how train stations can use “EV charge points near me” to benefit both their customers and their own business.

Network Rail

Recently, Network Rail has started to introduce electric charge points in certain car parks that they manage across the UK. Announced in July 2022, Network Rail has rolled out 450 new charge points across Reading (160), Manchester (111), Edinburgh (84), Leeds (56) and Welwyn Garden City (41) train stations. 


This is an effort to maintain environmentally friendly solutions throughout their business and their aim to become net-zero emissions by 2045. So, it is expected that more train stations in the near future will have more EV charge points installed. For travellers, especially those who commute daily, this will help with concerns when looking for “EV charge points near me”. This way, those embarking on a train journey can easily leave their vehicle charged, with the confidence that they will return to a fully charged electric vehicle. 

The Benefits of Charging at Train Stations

Much like at other destinations, such as shopping centres and hotels, there are many benefits for drivers to charge their electric vehicles at train stations. If travellers have to commute to work by train but still need to drive there, there is a charging opportunity here. 


EV drivers can set up a charge point, provided by Network Rail, and leave their vehicle plugged in whilst at work. Level 1 charging typically takes up to 8 hours to become fully charged, which is the typical time the average person spends at work each day. Drivers can leave their vehicle, with the confidence that they will return to a fully charged vehicle and have enough charge to get home. 

Destination Charging 

At Elite, we have previously discussed the benefits of destination charging when looking for “EV charge points near me”. Some EV drivers may struggle with finding appropriate charge points, especially if they are always on the go or have their vehicle parked at a train station whilst at work. However, as our vehicles can spend at least 80% of their time parked, why not utilise this time?


When parked at a train station, EV drivers should have the option to charge their vehicle whilst away, or even waiting for someone. Network rail is starting to encourage this and slowly bringing out charge points around the UK. Yet, there are still a majority of locations that do not have these services. Drivers should consider hiring their own portable EV charger to ensure that their parked time is beneficial. Find out more about our destination charging services here. 

Elite EV Charge

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent charging solutions for businesses and events across the country. We understand the various benefits that charging your electric vehicle can have when out and about, including overnight charging at certain destinations. So, when searching for “EV charge points near me”, look no further than Elite!


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