What Could the Future of EV Charging Look Like?

As electric vehicles become more popular in the UK, especially with new petrol and diesel cars being banned from 2030, it is important that there are sufficient methods of charging. Currently, drivers primarily have three choices; charging at home, public charging points and, in certain areas, portable EV charging solutions. 


Yet, are these enough to meet the demand? Many technological and charging businesses are starting to blueprint innovative methods of charging that, with the right advancements, could further improve how EVs charge in the future. 


What if you never had to look for a charging station for your EV? Imagine parking your vehicle and having an automatic helpful robotic assistant. Complete with a portable EV charging device, cord and battery, to keep your electric vehicle charged. It may sound slightly like the start of a Sci-Fi film where robots take over, but the concept has started to be developed by companies such as EV Safe Charge. 


“ZiGGY” is a robotic charging platform that is being developed, which is built into electric vehicles to show drivers where the nearest portable EV charging stations are. Then, once these points are found and the vehicle is parked, the “ZiGGY” brings the charger to you. However, there are disadvantages to this. The ZiGGY does not move quickly, so you may be waiting a long time in large car parks. But, with more technology and advancements, these automated portable EV charging devices could continue to develop in the near future. 

Solar Charging

Imagine that all that is needed to keep your EV fueled and ready to go is the sun’s warm rays. Automakers are starting to add solar panels to both their concept and production of electric vehicles, though. 


The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX, for instance, has a roof totally covered in solar panels that provide power to interior features like the HVAC system. The heating and cooling system and battery charging are both aided by the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s optional solar roof.


A fully solar-powered production vehicle is currently impractical or, at the very least, excessively expensive. But in the future, more electric vehicle makers will probably use solar panels as a way to help increase the driving range.

Charging Pads

What if you never even had to take a break to recharge? Even on motorways. Though this technology is far away, there is a chance that wireless charging pads could revolutionise how we charge electric vehicles going forward.


Wireless charging pads have previously been developed, supplying power to smartphone batteries in need. The challenge is expanding the technology to support electric vehicles, which consume a huge amount of energy in comparison to the phone in your pocket. And will be much more expensive. These portable EV charging pads could be utilised at stop lights through cities in the future, but for now, feasible charging methods need to be considered.


Portable EV Charging

For this one, we don’t have to look far into the future. Though still a relatively new creation, portable EV charging has begun to gain traction and popularity for both drivers and businesses alike. There are many benefits to having a portable EV charger, instead of having to rely on public networks, which can be unreliable and result in long queues. 


At Elite, we offer portable EV charging services for drivers. For businesses, hiring these charging solutions is ideal to engage and attract eco-centric customers, whilst showcasing their own environmentally friendly goals. We also supply portable chargers for events, such as music festivals and sporting events. EV drivers should feel confident that they will have enough charge to make it home. That’s why drivers can set up their own portable charging point, leave their car charging and return to their vehicle with the desired amount they need. Find out more about event charging here

Elite EV Charge

Here at Elite, our team provide portable EV charging solutions for drivers and businesses across the country. We understand that technology and methods of travel are constantly evolving. So, we want to ensure that our resources are helping contribute to the main goal of 100% carbon-free emissions.


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