How Can Air Shows Offset Their Carbon Footprint?

Throughout the year, air shows are held frequently. Most display military aircrafts that fought in the great wars, as well as presenting aerobatics demonstrations, such as the Red Arrows. Although these shows are a tradition in most places, many have brought into question the impact they have on the environment. During the pandemic, when flights were grounded, we noticed a significant change in the carbon emissions that were pumped into the air. So how can air shows prove their dedication to the planet? With portable EV charging available, it can be achieved.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy portable charging stations to destinations and events across the country, especially in areas where connecting to the grid is either impossible or too expensive. Our electric vehicle charging points don’t need to be connected to the grid, providing EV drivers with power no matter where they are. As more air shows take place across the country following the easing of lockdown, will they be able to survive in a more eco-conscious society?

Carbon Emission Contributions

Two years ago, campaigners asked for the Wales air show to be cancelled due to the event’s impact on the environment. The council decided to continue with the show, as they deemed it was ‘important for Swansea to attract visitors.’ This year, environmentalists worried that the revival of air shows this year will contribute greatly to the already worsening climate crisis. Despite their aviation carbon emissions, as well as the transport pollution from visitor’s cars, air show organisers have vowed to do whatever they can to lower their carbon footprint. But is it enough?

The Wales air show has introduced and encouraged recycling, as well as promoting car shares and park n’ ride. They have also included local produce and Fairtrade food wherever possible. Although these changes are a step in the right direction, people who travel by car are still contributing to the carbon emissions of the show, and EV drivers may have nowhere to park. By introducing EV charging stations, air shows can not only lower their carbon footprint but attract more eco-conscious people and EV drivers too.

How EV Charging Can Help

As previously mentioned, EV chargers can provide lots of benefits to events such as air shows, allowing them to effectively display their dedication to lowering their carbon footprint. Our charging solutions don’t have to be connected to the grid, making them perfect for annual shows. EV drivers can charge their vehicle during the day as they enjoy the show, and enjoy a range-anxiety free trip home. Aviation pollution is a serious concern, but by deploying portable EV chargers in car parks to create a public charging infrastructure, you can cut down significantly on visitor transport pollution, and encourage others to opt for an electric car.

Our portable EV charging services can be provided to all kinds of events, such as music festivals, sports games and aviation shows. We care deeply about our planet and want to help businesses and event organisers alike make a real difference. Electric vehicles are the future, and by providing chargers to events that have a high carbon emissions rate, we believe we’re making a difference, one charger at a time.

Our Services

If you’re looking for EV charging for rent, our battery storage chargers are perfect for events located off the grid. Even if your event is on-grid, connecting can be expensive and disruptive; renting chargers requires no connection to the grid, and can be used for as long as you choose. We also provide a concierge service to ensure your EV charge points are working optimally. 

If your air show requires a fully operational EV charging network, you can call for a quote on 0800 702 2261. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest news in the EV industry. 


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