Why EV Charging Companies Need to Concentrate on Off-Grid Areas

Supplying electric vehicle charging solutions to more populated areas might seem like the more sensible option. There are more people inclined to use the services, and there is a demand. But in off-grid locations where there is a dense population, electric vehicle charging stations are scarce. People living in these areas won’t be able to keep up with the EV surge without these all-important stations, and electric vehicles (EVs) are the future, after all…
Portable EV chargers are perfect for all kinds of scenarios, especially for EV charging at events and destination charging. Here at Elite EV Charging, we’re here to cater to everyone’s EV charging needs, providing mobile EV charging services to businesses, destinations and events alike. Installing chargers can be disruptive and costly, so portable chargers provide a cheaper, more practical alternative. Also, grid chargers can’t be installed easily into remote locations, so what are these areas supposed to do?

Rapid EV Charging Points Welcomed in Fife…

Fife, located in Eastern Scotland, has recently announced the “first of its kind” rapid electric charging stations, with eight spaces for vehicles to charge simultaneously. The fact that this is the first of its kind that Fife has seen shows how startling the lack of chargers in more remote areas truly is. Fife has a population of around 372,000 people, so isn’t as scarcely populated as some areas, but most locations in Scotland are lacking. The Scottish Highlands and Cairngorms National Park are particularly empty, so EV charging companies need to take action.
As our country constantly promotes the sale of electric vehicles, there isn’t much attention being paid to the evolution of the charging infrastructure. Off-grid locations are being left behind, as more attention is being paid to larger towns and cities. By providing destination charging to locations and events, we can encourage more drivers to go electric today. You can find out more about our services here.

The Range Anxiety Curse

One of the main factors putting people off turning to an EV is the dreaded range anxiety. Some drivers worry that an electric car battery won’t get them very far without needing to be charged. If they run out of charge, there’s a common notion that there won’t be a charger in the near vicinity. In off-grid locations, this could, unfortunately, be true. EV’s have a much longer range nowadays, which eco-conscious people are taking on board and understanding. Any tourist who visits these locations with an EV will need somewhere to charge, and they may find themselves disappointed…
By installing portable EV charging, we can not only allow remote locations to catch up with the EV demand, but we can also attract a new demographic of tourists. This can increase revenue in these areas, and won’t contribute to the major disruption works that can take place. EV charging companies are now taking the initiative to provide more charging ports for those that need them. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we wish to pay attention to these areas and ensure all EV drivers are accommodated.

Why Portable EV Charging Solutions are Needed

As previously mentioned, connecting to the grid is incredibly disruptive and can be quite costly. In more remote locations, this can actually be impossible to achieve, once again leaving these locations out in the cold. Portable EV charging solutions can provide sufficient charging points for both EV drivers in the near vicinity and any visiting, decreasing range anxiety and enabling these locations to keep up.
Portable EV chargers are much cheaper to rent when compared to installing grid chargers. Here at Elite, we also provide a concierge service to ensure your chargers are working as optimally as possible. We always aim to provide charge for both events and remote locations, as we understand the lack of EV chargers present in these locations. We know that EV driving is the future, and we want all locations to keep up as much as possible. EV charging companies need to pay attention, now more than ever.
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