When Will Electric Vehicle Charging Points Be Mandatory For Businesses?

Over the years, electric vehicle sales have steadily increased throughout the UK, with an estimated 2% of all cars being either electric or hybrid. With the world becoming more environmentally friendly and making efforts in reducing the planet’s carbon footprint, politicians and leaders have made their intentions known and mandatory public charging stations for electric vehicles seem like the next step. The PM, Boris Johnson has stated: “We cannot go on as we are. We have to adapt our economy to the green industrial revolution”.

But when will this happen? The original plan from the government required every new and existing building with more than 20 parking spaces to install a charger. However, this notion has been pushed back without a word, with the Department for Transport only requiring an EV charging station at new building sites. For more information on this, read our previous article.

As more electric vehicles populate roads, some worry the lack of charging points will not meet the level of demand vehicles will need. Especially with the ban of new fossil-fuelled combustion engines by 2035. Currently, there are around 25,000 charging points around the UK, particularly around the London area. But until they are mandatory for businesses everywhere and not just new constructions, electric vehicle drivers may worry about not having enough charge to get through journeys and feel the dreaded “range anxiety”. There are alternative solutions that should be considered in the meantime.

Event EV Charging Station

For businesses, the demand for electric vehicles is not set in stone. Some road users are adamant in their ways and will fight the transfer to greener solutions. The time and cost of installing an electric car charging station can mean a loss for your business. However, there are other substitutes that could be implemented.

Portable EV charging has many benefits for businesses, such as hotels and sporting arenas. Currently, Wembley station has only 10 charging points available for electric vehicles. With a capacity of 82,000, this number does not meet demand, especially with London wanting to become fully carbon-free by 2030. Also, installing more points could become disruptive to the overall grid and alter the overall layout.

However, event charging shows your customers that you are being proactive; inclusive of all road users and working towards the overall economical solution. It also promotes your business by not only showing your contribution but also, your location as you will be included on all charging point maps.

Destination Charging

Even with multiple charging points being installed across the UK, electric vehicle drivers may still worry about not getting a space, especially in places that only have a couple. Drivers shouldn’t have to fight for charging rights. They should be able to comfortably know they will be able to power their vehicle wherever they go. Range Anxiety can make drivers worry about when their next charging station will be available. Or, it could put people off electric cars altogether.

Destination charging is also a great solution for EV drivers. It allows you to take control of when and where you recharge, not relying on other sources. Having a portable charger also helps those who need to travel off-grid, as the majority of chargers are based in cities and main landmarks. Setting up your own point, however, releases any range anxiety a driver might have and for businesses, allows a person to charge their vehicle through the working day.

Elite Charging for Electric Vehicles

Here at Elite, we focus on providing mobile carbon-free solutions for individuals to stay connected and not worry about losing any charge on long journeys. One charger at a time. We rent portable chargers to events so that electric vehicle drivers don’t have to worry or feel left out when travelling to music festivals or sporting events.

We focus on off-grid locations, keeping you safe no matter where your adventure lies. If you would like to find out more about our services, or to receive a quote, fill out our online form. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 702 2661 and speak with one of our professionals.