How High-Rise Apartment Buildings Can Benefit From EV Charging Points

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been opening all over the UK, dedicated to fast EV charging solutions for those on the go. Recently, Shell has opened their first all-electric charging hub in London, replacing petrol pumps with 119 charging points and including the capacity for nine vehicles to recharge using the 10 minutes 175kW chargers. It is the first location that fully supports only electric vehicles, making a massive step for the 2030 ban and contributing to lowering the planet’s carbon footprint.

Though this is a positive move towards a greener society, there are still many obstacles that face inner-city dwellers when finding suitable electric vehicle charging solutions. For example, many high-rise apartment buildings still suffer from not only a lack of parking for vehicles anyway, but numerous structures don’t have any EV charging points whatsoever. This could be due to the building structure being too old, or even that there is not enough room or power to have a charging station. However, there are many benefits for landlords to consider electric vehicle charging solutions and find one that is suitable for their building.

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Destination Charging Features

With over 35,000 electric points across the UK, the number of charging stations has steadily increased as the demand for EVs has surged. However, these points are primarily in cities, large towns and popular locations such as shopping centres and entertainment complexes.

Destination charging provides electric vehicle drivers with the chance to set up their own EV charging points whenever they are running low. Portable fast charging options not only removes a driver’s “range anxiety”, where they might stress over not having enough juice to reach the end of their journey, but it satisfies the need for more chargers. And this is no exception for flat and apartment buildings.

Landlords should consider using destination charging for their tenants. It can make EV drivers feel included in the community and not become stressed about having to find electric vehicle charging stations before a long journey. Usually, tenants are allocated parking spaces for their particular flat, so it would make no sense to install a charger for each allotment, costing time and money. It also could disrupt the grid and mishandle the power. By having portable chargers that can easily be set up allows tenants to choose whether they need one, depending on their vehicle choice. And if the driver moves out, these allocated spots can either be easily taken down or assigned to a different resident.

An alternative solution would be to have communal fast-charging stations. If there are space bays, setting up these charging points is a good and simple way to make sure everyone has access to recharge. For more information on destination charging, read our page dedicated to this service.

Cost-Effective EV Charging

For landlords, there are ways to make these cost-effective and that they do not lose any money. Much like chargers at stations, occupants can pay for the charge through other utility bills, going straight to the building’s owner. With the world making changes to become carbon-neutral, it is important for all business and residential owners to contribute to lowering the planet’s carbon footprint. Also, it is helping the masses as more and more electric vehicles are purchased.

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