What Important Things Should Drivers Know About EV Charging Point Installations?

As more drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles, it is important that they are aware of certain factors that will affect their driving experience. Especially if this is the first electric vehicle they’ve driven. So, what should we be aware of for EV charging point installations? Find out more here. 

Different EV Charging Types

In a previous blog, we talked about the different types of EV charging. In short, there are three types that provide various services for vehicles. Level 1 is the lowest of the three types and therefore, the cheapest. These can be used with any standard 110v outlet. Level 2 requires a 240v outlet and is the most common of the types. And finally, Level 3 (DC fast charge) are the quickest opportunity for drivers to charge their vehicle. However, this also means that they are the most expensive.


So, for your electric vehicle, it is important to understand what type of charger is compatible with your outlet. This is much easier if the EV is Tesla, with their superchargers that are available in a variety of industries. EV charging point installations at public stations typically are Level 2. So, to ensure you are receiving the right charge for your vehicle, why not utilise portable EV charging services? Find out more here.

Charge Times Depend on the Type

Once you know what types of chargers your vehicle can connect to, EV drivers should understand that these charging times will vary depending on the charger’s level. Level 1, which is typically used in home charging methods, is the slowest. They can take up to 8 hours to charge. Level 2 usually takes between 4 and 6 hours and Level 3 is by far the quickest. These DC fast chargers can take as little as 30 minutes. 


Though Level 1 points are the slowest and are not viable for vehicles that require a fast charge, this makes them ideal for destination charging. Destination charging is essentially overnight charging whilst on journeys. Many EV drivers embarking on long journeys may worry that they will not make their next stop before running out of charge. That’s why many hotels offer EV charging point installations for guests to charge their vehicles whilst they rest. Making the 8 hours needed for charging worth it. For more information on the importance of destination charging, click here

Portable EV Charging

Drivers may not be aware of portable EV charging services. As there are various public chargers available up and down the country, there can be long wait times, this can result in long queues also. Therefore, certain drivers may not want to charge their vehicle which results in the feeling of range anxiety. However, there is a solution.


Portable EV charging allows drivers to choose when and where they charge their vehicle and do not rely on any third-party resources. It gives drivers the opportunity to set up their own EV charging point installations without the need to connect to the grid; ideal for off-grid and remote locations. Also, drivers do not have to wait around for their vehicle. They can set up their point, like a level 1 charger, and be about their day. Whether this is at work or daily errands like shopping. These portable chargers give drivers more freedom with their charging requirements. 

Elite EV Charge

At Elite EV Charge, our specialists provide portable EV charging services throughout the UK. No matter the journey, EV drivers should feel confident in making journeys with the right amount of charge. Though the number of public charging stations has increased over the years, more EV charging point installations are needed to meet the demand. That’s why our portable EV charging services are ideal for drivers to choose when and where to charge their vehicle.


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