How Businesses Can Start Electrifying Fleets

At Elite, we have previously talked about the challenges businesses face when switching their fleets to electric vehicles. However, just because there are issues that need addressing beforehand, does not mean it is a bad idea. Especially with the country making various environmentally friendly and carbon-free goals. So, with electric fleets and an increase of electric vehicle chargers available, it is no wonder why many operatives are turning to eco-friendly driving solutions.


But, what simple ways can businesses start to electrify their fleets? Find out more here. 

Assess the Benefits

Before making the switch to electric fleets, it is first important for a business to understand the benefits of EVs and how they will change the working day. Start by performing a thorough review of the present fleet usage. Consider elements such as the mileage, load requirements, areas of operation and resting locations.


Find out the overall cost of ownership and compare it to the calculation if fleets are switched to electric vehicles. These factors include the cost of “refuelling” with electric vehicle chargers (weighed up against petrol or diesel), maintenance requirements and any EV tax benefits. Once the benefits have been noted, there are other modifications that a business can undergo to switch their fleets to electric. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

One of the main concerns for businesses is the number of electric vehicle chargers that will be required and how often fleets will need to recharge. Businesses should consider the type of chargers they will need and their whereabouts at the workplace they are placed. 


Business owners may believe that each site requires charge points. However, this is unnecessary unless the vehicles routinely drive more than 100 miles every day. The type of electric vehicle chargers should depend on the speed required. For example, level 1 chargers, which are the slowest, are the most affordable and perfect for overnight charging. However, if you are requiring fast charging on the go, level 2 or level 3 chargers are the best option.


For this, portable electric vehicle chargers should be considered. This way, individual drivers can travel with their chargers and be guaranteed to remain connected throughout their journey. 

Site Surveys

Once the business has decided where the electric vehicle chargers will go, an electrical site survey should be conducted. This will ensure that installation is practical and productive. Effective groundworks management, such as utilising the existing electrical infrastructure, can assist in reducing disturbance and costs. Then, it’s time to plug in!


It may be necessary to hire specialised contractors to install your charge points, such as charge point programming expertise or a site manager to handle project management and site work. Here at Elite EV Charge, we install and manage portable electric vehicle chargers across the country. Our team are experienced in electrical installation and meets industry high standards. For more information on our services, click here. 


Use installation day to spread the word about the change you’ve initiated in your company and explain why. This will showcase that your business has environmentally friendly goals and is actively helping lower the planet’s carbon footprint.


Our Electric Vehicle Chargers

Here at Elite, our team of specialists provide portable EV chargers for drivers across the UK. We want to make sure that EV drivers have the opportunity and resources to charge their vehicles wherever they are. No matter how off-grid or remote the locations may appear. That’s why we supply electric vehicle chargers for events and businesses that provide destination overnight charging. 


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