Things to Remember When EV Charging in the Summer

As we start to see hotter weather, well as hot as it can get in the UK, it is important for EV drivers to understand the best tricks to maximise their EV charging experience and battery. At Elite, we have recently covered this for the winter months, and now it is time for summer! 


Here are our top tips to ensure your electric vehicles do not overheat.


Preconditioning While EV Charging 

This bonus feature is available in most new electric vehicles. When EV charging, drivers can access “preconditioning” through either the electric car’s infotainment system or with a connected app. It allows an electric vehicle to have its air conditioning system on blast whilst charging so that when you need the vehicle, it is already cool. This way, EV drivers will not need to turn on any air conditioning on journeys, which would drain the battery quicker. 


It’s crucial to keep in mind that preconditioning is most effective when your electric vehicle is plugged in overnight. Instead of pulling energy from your EV’s battery, it will be drawn from the power grid, preserving the battery’s life.


Avoid Driving Between 11 am and 3 pm

We understand that this one might not be avoidable. It all depends on why you are needing to drive the electric vehicle. But, by avoiding driving at these times, drivers are avoiding the highest peaks of temperatures during the hottest months which can drain the battery and overheat the unit.  


So, if you can drive the lengthier segments of your route while the weather is cooler, you’ll be able to maximise the range of your electric vehicle.


Think About Parking Spots

Though sometimes you may want to park as closely as possible, especially in busy places such as shopping centres, this can actually hurt your EV range. They may be more convenient, however, with the sun potentially at its highest peak right above your vehicle, this can increase the heat within your electric vehicle and persuade EV drivers to turn the air conditioning on high. This will help cool down the car, yet, will run down the battery. 


So, through the summer, make sure you are thinking about where you are parking. Find somewhere that will be protected by shade, such as behind the shadow of a building or under a tree. This way, your car will remain cool during these hotter months and allow you to save EV charging time. 


Keep Your EV Charge at Mid-Range

When it comes to EV charging, there is an optimal percentage to keep in mind in order to avoid overcharging – and hence overheating – your battery. Most manufacturers advise against fully charging your electric car to 100% since the battery can overheat. When you combine this with high summer temperatures, you risk hastening cell degeneration (i.e. when lithium battery cells lose the capacity to charge at their original rate).


You should only charge your electric car up to 80% in hot weather. If you’re planning a long-distance summer trip, full charges are fine on occasion but don’t make it a routine if you want to keep your EV charging battery healthy.


Use Eco-Mode

Most electric and hybrid vehicles offer an eco-mode driver setting that boosts your EV’s efficiency. It accomplishes this by, for example, reducing the amount of power available to electronic equipment and accelerating.


Because your electric car will use more energy in the heat, adopting this mode – particularly on lengthy trips – will dramatically reduce the range of your EV. You may then spend less time stopping at charging stations to recharge your batteries and more time enjoying your vacation.


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