Are Drive-In Cinemas the Future For EV Charging Stations?

With EV charging stations needed to satisfy the demand for the number of electric vehicles, what different ways can we present these charging solutions for drivers? Something that requires a vehicle which will be stationary for a long time. Let’s say, feature film length time.  


Though technology continues to advance, many people still look to the past for entertainment and enjoy more retro styles. Entertainment such as polaroids, vinyl and cassette tapes were once thought of as obsolete with newer inventions of the digital camera, CDs and music streaming sites. Yet, they are still as popular, with many preferring older styles to the mainstream methods of today. 


Drive-in cinemas were primarily popular in the 1950s and 60s, however, they have made a comeback in the 21st century. EV charging stations are a great addition to these events to make the event seem more modern and inclusive to all drivers, whilst maintaining that old-style feel. 


Electric Drive-In Cinema

In 2020, Fully Charged announced their launch of the UK’s first indoor drive-in cinema through the COVID pandemic, exclusively for electric vehicles. It was an attempt to return to normality and get viewers to return to cinemas in a safe way. The event showed Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and had Polestar vehicles on show.


Though this seems to be a one-off event, there was a missed opportunity here to showcase EV charging stations for drivers whilst watching the film. Event charging could have meant that drivers simply would just park their vehicles at these dedicated points and enjoy the film. Knowing full well that they will have enough charge once the film has finished.  


Re-Charge LA

An architecture studio, Woods Bagot has recently unveiled a design concept to incorporate EV charging stations within Downtown Los Angeles in the form of drive-in cinemas. Re-Charge LA envisions EV charging stations as visitor destinations, complete with digital screens showing movies, food trucks, and urban parks. 


Because charging an electric vehicle might take up to an hour or more, charging stations need to meet more than just the charge’s requirements. What should the driver do while they wait?


This is just a concept, however, it sets the foundations of what EV charging stations could be like. Not just leaving your car somewhere and waiting. EV drivers could be enjoying a film of their choice and letting the charger do its thing.


What Drive-In Cinema Events Could Benefit From EV Charging Stations?

In the UK, there are certain drive-in events that tour yearly. Typically, they will show a film tailored specifically for children in the early afternoon; a family-friendly film around tea-time; and a 15 or 18-rated film at around 10-11 pm. These include:



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