Electric Vehicles: Helping the Government Hit Their ‘Climate Targets’

It’s no secret how much better electric vehicles (EV’s) are for the environment than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. They produce no carbon emissions, and they’re much cheaper to run and maintain for driver peace of mind too. When it comes to vehicle charging, you can either charge at home or on the go thanks to the Government’s new £300 million funding of the EV charging network. But are the UK meeting their climate targets?

According to Carbon Brief, the UK’s carbon emissions are 51% lower than what they were in the 1990’s, which show’s that we’re well on the way. With electric car sales on the rise, and more home charging points being installed, we still need more public charging in remote locations. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can deploy our battery storage chargers to help keep these locations in the loop as we continue on our way to net zero emissions by 2050.

No Petrol or Diesel Vehicles by 2030

In just short of ten years, petrol and diesel cars will be a thing of the past for manufacturers. Hybrids will still be available until 2035, but the timeframe is quickly closing in, and more people are making the switch to electric vehicle to prepare. Although range anxiety still exists, this is sure to become a thing of the past, especially with the introduction of our battery storage chargers.

Cars contribute to around 18% of the UK’s carbon emissions, which can be significantly lowered if we all switched to an electric vehicle. Our battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging can help decrease range anxiety and encourage more people to switch to an electric vehicle, by providing more accessible charging points in more remote locations. 

Net Zero Emissions by 2050

The UK are currently halfway to net zero, a target that we need to achieve in the next 30 years. This is a great accomplishment and sets a great example to other countries currently struggling to get their pollution levels down. Reasons for this milestone include more wind turbines and EV’s being sold, but the development of the charging network still needs to be considered.

Rapid charging points are few and far between, especially in more remote locations. Although more funding has been granted to expand the charging network, with more focus being paid to remote locations, work still needs to be done. We’re well on our way to lowering our carbon footprint, but to get there quicker, we need to convince more drivers to opt for an electric vehicle, and that all starts with decreasing range anxiety and providing more charging points in remote locations.

Elite Vehicle Charging

Our battery storage chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging are perfect for more remote, off-the-grid locations, as no connection to the grid is necessary. We can fill the gap where there is a need for vehicle charging but no means of connection, allowing everyone across the country to get connected and charge their electric vehicle. Our chargers can be deployed to destination locations and events alike, increasing local revenue and boosting EV sales.

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