Europe’s Mightiest Electric Vehicle Charging HUB Coming to Oxford

Oxford, the home to one of the world’s most historic and prestigious universities, is set to become the permanent home of Europe’s strongest electric vehicle charging network.

Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, is leading the development of an EV Superhub in the heart of the English city.

Where will the Superhub be situated?

The site is set to open at Redbridge Park & Ride in the latter stages of this year. It will be directly connected to the national and integrate electric vehicle charging, battery storage, low carbon heating and smart energy management technologies.

What will the Superhub do?

In addition to forming the structural foundations for EV charging and transport in the South of England, the Superhub will feature the capacity to flow through key areas of Oxford to meet mass EV requirements. 

This means that subsequent industries can benefit massively from the construction of this charging infrastructure. Public transport connections such as buses, taxis and commercial fleets are all expected to experience the environmental surpluses that the Superhub will create.

How much will it cost?

The estimated price for Oxford’s superhub is totalled at around £41 million. The initial features included with the charging HUB have been described in detail. 

We can expect to see 38 fast and ultra-rapid from some of the leading distributors in the EV industry, Fastned, Tesla and Wenea. The Superhub is expected to boast approximately 10MW of electric power on site and it is tipped to grow exponentially to meet the needs of electric vehicle charging in the area for the forthcoming 30 years.

What makes it so powerful?

Fastned will begin by installing 10n charging ports at the Superhub, all of which will accumulate to make 300kW of power.

To put it into perspective, this level of power is capable of adding 300 miles of range in 20 minutes for hundreds of electric vehicles everyday. 

Fastned are also expected to use their trademark solar roof installations as a secondary power source to supply the station with a 100% renewable source of energy.

The mission to be zero carbon by 2030

Pivot Power’s CEO, Matt Allen said “Our goal is to help the UK accelerate net zero by delivering power where it is needed to support the EV and renewable energy revolution.”

“Oxford is one of 40 sites we are developing across the UK, combining up to 2GW of battery storage with high volume power connections for mass EV charging.” He added.

The Oxford Superhub is part of EDF’s blueprint to become Europe’s leading e-mobility energy company by 2023. The goal is to spread the message across the United Kingdom and to work directly with local communities to establish a cleaner, more sustainable environment for everyone.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re proud to support the growth of the EV charging infrastructure in the UK. If you have any further questions on vehicle charging or about our ethos, visit our website.