How Do I Find EV Charging Points Near Me?

One of the most stressful aspects is asking the question: “where are EV charging points near me?” Especially on holidays or road trips to places you are not familiar with. It also might be the reason certain drivers do not want to make the transition to more environmentally friendly driving solutions.

But, here at Elite, we are here to help ease any worries and let our customers know the facts. Find out more about how to find the closest EV chargers below.



The easiest way to find EV charging points near you is by using the public app ZapMap. EV drivers can easily search for their location, or where they are heading, and see the available EV charge points in the area. This way, the question “where are EV charging points near me” is easily answered, even before leaving the home.

Because of the lack of EV charging points, some EV drivers may feel safer using the ZapMap as there is a feature that allows you to plan routes. This can help decrease range anxiety; ensuring those in the EV sector that they will make their journeys fully charged.

With this feature, EV drivers can see what chargers are available; including DC fast charge and if there have been any issues reported. Though ZapMap is a great way to find EV charging points, it will primarily locate public charging stations; which may have long queues or unreliable networks. And, usually, there are only 2 or 3 charge points available. For this, alternatives should be considered.


Destination Charging

ZapMap, and other similar EV charging stations map applications, can also help dictate where EV drivers stopover on journeys. Destination charging refers to overnight EV charging solutions, typically during a multi-day road trip. EV drivers can travel significantly faster by using destination charging because the electric car is fully charged overnight. This is preferable to stopping at public charging stations, which may have long queues and are out of the way.

This can help EV drivers determine where their journey ends; answering “where are EV charging points near me?” Or, drivers can find suitable campsites and caravan parks where charging is available for overnight stays. Find out more here.


Portable EV Chargers

Here at Elite, we have spoken about the benefits of using portable EV chargers. By having their own charger, the EV community does not have to ask the question: “where are EV charging points near me?” They will have the opportunity to set up their own chargers wherever and whenever they would like. Simply, find a suitable location and charge.

Studies show that there are insufficient chargers to match the demand for the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. According to calculations, the UK would require at least ten times more charging stations by 2030, when new fossil-fuelled cars will be banned. This is due mostly to the location. For example, London has more chargers per 100,000 people than Yorkshire and the Humber, but due to the city’s population, there aren’t enough to satisfy all EV drivers. This is why portable EV chargers are a viable solution.


Elite Electric Vehicle

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent mobile charging solutions for EVs across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events; we advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. One charger at a time. We are here to help you answer questions such as “where are the EV charging points near me?”

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