How Portable EV Chargers Could Benefit Student Accommodations

As 18-year-olds have just received their A-level results, future students will now have put plans in place for their university placements, student accommodation or ways they will commute for their education. For EV drivers, there are other factors that need to be considered before September rolls in. Including the implementation of portable EV chargers and other methods. 


For many students, there is a high chance that they have recently just passed their test. Therefore, with the government focusing on the majority of vehicles on the road being electric, first-time drivers may be more inclined to have an electric vehicle. Especially with the number of incentives and grants to help with payments. So, if students will require their vehicle through their university experience; whether this is parked at their accommodation or for commuting, they will also need substantial charging methods. 


Students may want to consider portable EV chargers for their driving experience. This way, they can set up charge points wherever they would like. Whether this is parking at the university and level 2 charging during lectures, or overnight charging at the accommodation. Students have the freedom with portable EV chargers, so they don’t have the extra stress of losing charge. 


From a business perspective, universities also have a unique opportunity to adopt portable EV chargers through their facilities. Hiring portable EV charging devices for allocated parking spots offers incentives to students whilst they are in their learning. This also gives the universities a chance to receive government funding, as they are actively helping lower the planet’s footprint with carbon-free solutions.


Also, much like other businesses, universities can offer incentives to their own employees. It can be included with their contracts, or become additional revenue for the actual university. 


When it comes to student accommodation, landlords also have opportunities to offer portable EV charging services for their tenants. There are two options here. Firstly, the portable EV chargers would be combined with the total price of rent. Or, as an additional cost per minute for when students need a quick or overnight charge.


Destination charging is one of the most efficient solutions for drivers and the most convenient. So, landlords can include portable EV chargers and tenants have the ability to charge their vehicle overnight and return fully charged in the morning. Find out more about destination charging services here.  


Open Days

Throughout the year, prospective students and their families may scout across the country to find the perfect university, course and location for their studies. For these open days, there may a number of factors that they need to consider and compare against other areas. For EV drivers, this also may include the available charging points and portable EV chargers.


For universities, including charging points can help them stand out from other places of education. Not only are they proving that they are eco-friendly, but also that they cater for all types of student drivers. These institutions should find reputable EV charging point installation companies to ensure these are completed effectively and efficiently. 

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, we work with businesses and events to provide portable EV chargers throughout the UK. As the 2030 ban gets closer and closer, it is important that there are enough charging facilities available in major locations where this demand will need to be met. Especially through key areas such as university campuses and surrounding student accommodation.


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