How Do EV Charging Services Benefit Car Parks?

Here at Elite, we have spoken about the 2030 ban. Pretty much everyone by now knows that the UK has pledged to increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road and to stop selling new petrol and diesel cars. Driving habits will drastically change as a result of this. Not just the number of electric vehicles on the road, but also parking infrastructure and EV charging services available. 


In the grand scheme of things, 2030 is not that far away. For this transformation to be as effective and efficient as possible, there needs to be an increase in EV charging services available to meet the demand this ban will bring. So, what about car parks? Find out more here. 

Get on the Map

As the EV charging infrastructure is in constant development, there has been a focus on ensuring drivers are aware of the charge points available. Using the app ZapMap, drivers can find charge points that are the most convenient for them. Drivers may be more inclined to visit a business that provides EV charging services. 


Therefore, this can benefit car parks as well. Drivers looking to charge their vehicle whilst out and about will be able to find these car parks much easier through the app. This will boost your business and get the car park on the map. Why can’t you make the car park a destination? Much like with hotels and other overnight stays. For more information on destination charging, click here. 

Combined Fee

Those in charge of car parks also have a unique opportunity. These businesses can create cost-effective EV charging services for their customers, by combining the tariff for parking with the charge rate. 


It creates a new charging infrastructure and an archetype for what car parks could be in the future. All that offer multi-usability.

Helping Lower the Planet’s Carbon Footprint

In addition, having EV charging services available for users helps meet the demand for chargers that the 2030 ban will create. Currently, although there are more than 42,000 charge points in the UK, this is not enough. Especially with more drivers switching to carbon-free driving solutions and EVs slowly overselling petrol and diesel. 


Every charger can help. So, your business or car park is actively helping solve this problem. If users can charge their vehicle at their work or whilst parked out and about, this also offers alternatives to public charging stations, which can result in long queues. 

Portable EV Charging

At Elite, we offer the opportunity for businesses with car parks to set up portable EV charging services. These points are ideal for workplaces to offer not only incentives for their employees but also, to help meet environmental goals that all businesses should be aiming for. 


Portable EV charging gives drivers the chance to set up their own points wherever they go. Wherever this is for long journeys or simply throughout their normal day. It ensures that public charging stations are not as heavily relied on and that there are charging alternatives in place. 


But, what about temporary car parks? Events such as festivals will typically have their own car park set up. So, consider portable EV charging services. This way, EV drivers are easily accommodated and the charge points can be taken down once the event has concluded. Find out more about event charging here. 

Elite Electric Vehicle

At Elite, we provide temporary and permanent EV charging services across the UK. As the EV infrastructure sometimes lacks in certain areas, especially in off-grid and rural locations, it is important that drivers feel confident driving. All to avoid range anxiety and feel assured they will have enough charge throughout journeys. Whether this is destination charging or for events; portable EV charging services are ideal no matter the journey. 


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