How Can Destination Charging Benefit Campsites?

Destination charging is important for many travelling electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The term refers to overnight charging during a journey at establishments such as hotels, AirBnbs and now campsites. Utilising destination charging, these drivers can improve their driving and efficiency throughout the journey. Better than just stopping off at a charging station in the morning.


But, how can destination charging benefit campsites? 


Generate More Visitors

By providing destination charging stations, you are inviting a wider number of EV drivers to visit your location. Drivers of electric vehicles frequently have to plan their journeys around the subsequent charge points available. This can often lead to massive detours and a build-up of “range anxiety”. Therefore, installing EV charging stations at caravan or campsites will immediately elevate the location’s appeal. 


Also, if they have had a good experience, EV drivers may be more inclined to suggest the location as a destination charging stopping place to the ever-growing EV community. This will result in an increased tourist footfall. 


Additional Revenue

In addition, having a destination charging infrastructure in place at your campsite can mean an increase in revenue. Companies, like Elite, offer temporary and permanent EV charging solutions that can be linked with your own administration. For this, additional pricing models can be implemented that give your business control over the charge points; adding more revenue through different means. As an incentive, staff members could also be offered free charging, whilst tourists would have to pay throughout their stay. 


This is a win-win. As, the visitors would be able to charge their vehicles confidently as they sleep, which is more convenient than having to find a suitable charging station in the morning. And, the business is creating additional revenue from the usage of charge points. 


Grant Funding 

Although many people believe that installing EV destination charging stations is expensive, there are schemes in place to help. The Workplace Charging Scheme allows places like caravan parks and campsites to benefit from grant assistance for the purchase and installation of EV charge points. This is primarily due to the government wanting to convert to electric and their encouragement to ensure businesses are capable of changing.


With up to £700 per charging unit available, owners of caravan parks and campsites could be eligible for up to £14,000 in grant funding. 


Environmentally Friendly

By just having the charge points, businesses are stating their commitment to becoming environmentally friendly in the effort to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. First off, you are creating a space of inclusivity, where all drivers are welcome and can be catered for. Then, you are positioning the campsite or caravan park as a place that cares about their surroundings. 


With the rise of electric vehicle sales and a ban on fossil-fuelled cars by 2030, the installation of destination charging points also sets your business for the future. Adhering to the changing times. And, attracting potential customers who are conscious of sustainability. 


Elite Electric Vehicle

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent mobile charging solutions for EVs across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events; we advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. One charger at a time.

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