Petrol & Diesel; A Thing of the Past?

It’s become more apparent over the years that we need to act quickly in order to save our environment. Changes include eating less meat, buying sustainable products, and opting for electric cars. That latter option is becoming a lot more popular, but people still have worries concerning charging points and range. Luckily, with new off-the-grid chargers, these worries may soon be eradicated.

With the Government’s plan to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, it’s time to start looking towards hybrid and electric vehicles in order to prepare. Although petrol and diesel cars will still be available, EV vehicles are much better for the environment and can lower your carbon footprint. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide destination charging points to remote and off-grid locations, deploying battery storage mobile chargers to events and locations that aren’t connected to a grid destination charging network.

The Plan

Last year, the Government made a historic announcement that petrol and diesel cars would cease to be manufactured and sold in the UK. By phasing out cars running on non-renewable fuel, we can take the necessary steps to secure our planet for years to come. Hybrid and electric cars are one of the most vital steps we need to take to lower our carbon footprint. As the demand for electric vehicles goes up, more EV chargers will be needed across the country.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we believe in filling the gap and accommodating EV drivers across the country. Setting up infrastructure upgrades can be incredibly expensive, unachievable, or both. By implementing mobile charging points to remote locations; you can ensure EV drivers that a charging station will be available at their location, or throughout their journey. We need to further cater for the future. Our team fully believes that battery storage mobile electric car chargers are the way forward.

Introducing Electric and Hybrid Cars

Some people are still concerned about range and charging times when it comes to electric and hybrid vehicles. However, this is simply due to the lack of charging points and infrastructure. If you’re still tentative about switching to electric, consider looking towards a hybrid car to make that transition. Self-charging hybrids can be filled with petrol and will charge their own electric battery as you drive; leading to fewer stops for fuel.

Our mission here at Elite Vehicle Charging is to provide more accessible destination chargers for EV drivers in remote locations. By providing off-the-grid power to electric vehicles, we can lower the range anxiety many drivers have and encourage more people to go electric. Petrol and diesel cars are still an option at the moment but will be phased out shortly. It’s time to start looking towards electric alternatives in order to prepare, especially with the emergence of more charging points.

Our Services

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we believe that there is a desperate need for more EV charging points; in order to fit the demand as more people go electric. Although there are chargers connected to the grid, this isn’t possible in some locations. Therefore, by providing battery storage mobile chargers, we can ensure that the demand is met in all locations, on and off the grid.

We provide battery storage chargers to destinations and events across the country, accommodating EV drivers where proper infrastructure is lacking. If your event needs portable electric chargers to help assist EV customers, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661