Should I Install My Own EV Charging Point?

At Elite EV Charge, we are here to ask your biggest questions in the EV industry, including whether you can install your own EV charging point. 


As the demand for electric vehicles increases, it is important that there are enough chargers to meet this demand. Yet, as public charging stations can be unreliable and cause long wait times, what are the alternatives? Many EV drivers choose to install an EV charging point in their homes. However, you still need to be aware of the risks associated with installation and the answer to the question “can I install my own EV charging point?” 


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Can I Install My Own EV Charging Point?

This is a yes and no answer. You are allowed a home charging point on your property, where it has actually been encouraged by the government with its latest regulations. However, although you might think that by installing your own EV charging point you are saving money, more complications may ensue. 


If you install the charger wrong, this may result in large expenses in the future from your mistakes. The likelihood that you could gravely hurt yourself or others when going the DIY route is very high. In the end, dealing with an electrical installation is risky, difficult, and not worthwhile. Electric shocks are one of these dangers, as is unintentionally starting an electrical fire.


So, unless you are a qualified electrician, you shouldn’t install your own EV charging point. 

Do I Need Permission to Install a Charger?

In some circumstances, homeowners may need to get approval before installing an EV charging station. For example, if the home is a listed building or one that you are renting. You will require planning permission if your charger is large (in the UK, more than 0.2 cubic metres), situated next to a motorway, or elevated above the ground (more than 1.6 metres in the UK). But keep in mind to look up the relevant rules in your area.


You may install the EV charging point without obtaining permission as long as none of the aforementioned restrictions applies to your installation. You must, however, abide by all applicable rules affecting the installation itself, such as having the electrical work examined and certified as necessary.

Home EV Charging Point Alternatives

But, what about if there are no available spaces available? Or, you don’t have any room for a charger. Though home charging points may seem more convenient, they also have their faults. For example, too much charge can cause problems with the national grid and affect your electricity bills.


Consider portable EV chargers for places such as your workplace or at public locations like shopping centres. This way, you can still utilise the charging device and ensure your vehicle remains charged throughout the day, without causing any problems to your home life. Find out more about our services here. 

Elite EV Charge

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