What Are the Biggest Myths of Charging an Electric Car?

When it comes to charging an electric car, there have been various misconceptions spread around the media. It can be hard to spot the facts from the fiction, leading to certain drivers choosing not to have an EV for their next car. 


So, let’s have a look at some of the biggest myths when it comes to charging an electric car and how portable solutions are the future.

Myth 1: EVs are Much More Expensive Than Petrol and Diesel

It’s time to separate the facts from the fiction, as it’s important that potential EV drivers are aware of any costs associated with charging an electric car. It is true that products built on cutting-edge technology frequently cost more for early charging adopters. However, as they gain more popularity, these costs are set to be lowered and already have started to decline. 


It’s vital to assess your car’s “full life cost,” which includes its operating costs and how well it holds its value, in addition to the initial cost. When the time comes for you to trade in or sell, you may probably receive a higher return on your investment, as EVs tend to last much longer. 


Even while EVs now cost more to buy, they are less expensive to operate than gasoline or diesel vehicles, costing as little as 2p per mile if you charge at the right hours of the day or night. Make sure to utilise portable chargers when charging an electric car, so that you have the freedom of when and where to charge the vehicle and for how long. Find out more here

Myth 2: An Electric Battery is Unsustainable

EVs’ true “greenness” is often questioned, and rightfully so. From the raw materials used through production and use, the materials used in batteries create various environmental concerns.


In actuality, the UK participates in global initiatives to ensure that there is an open, ethical and sustainable supply of materials for EV batteries. There are current laws that prohibit disposing of EV batteries in landfills or burning them. 

Myth 3: Charging an Electric Car Takes Too Long

Although many believe that charging an electric car takes too long, this just means that you are not utilising your time right! Our cars spend most of their time parked, for example at work or on daily errands. Therefore, there is ample opportunity for drivers to ensure they have enough charge, without causing interference with their lives. 


Though a Level 1 charger can take up to 8 hours, this is how long the average adult spends at work. Businesses should consider workplace EV charging to include their employees and promote a happy and environmentally friendly workforce. 


Consider a portable EV charger. This way, no matter where you are going during the day, you can optimise this parked opportunity and charge your vehicle. Ideal for at work or destination charging whilst overnight staying at places such as hotels and a friend’s house. 

Our Portable EV Chargers

Here at Elite EV Charge, across the country, we supply temporary and permanent charging solutions for drivers and businesses. There are various benefits to the installation of points for charging an electric car, including ensuring that 


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