What is the World EV Day 2022?

Since its inception in 2020, World EV Day has come to the attention of both EV drivers and officials. This year, the White House’s senior climate advisor commemorated World EV Day and the event was even mentioned in the UK parliament. But, what is it? And, how can it benefit the growth of EV charge points?

World EV Day

World EV Day is a worldwide campaign that unites people and EV charge companies to create change. It is a day to celebrate e-mobility and accelerate the transformation to sustainable transportation. All of which promote positive consumer, commercial and governmental effects.

Originally, the event was set to take place on the 9th of September. However, due to the unfortunate passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, out of respect the event has been pushed back. Now renamed the “World EV Day + 20”, it will take place on the 29th of September 2022.

Are There Any Events?

There are no venues per se. However, there are so many opportunities for drivers and EV charge companies alike to join the EV revolution and commit to greener, carbon-free solutions. On the website, drivers can pledge that their next car will be an electric vehicle, which will be totalled up to release statistics. 

As the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles is coming up, drivers must be aware of the benefits that driving an electric vehicle can have. Especially when it comes to carbon-free driving solutions and ultimately, helping lower the planet’s carbon footprint. So, through World EV Day, government officials and even car manufacturers have the opportunity to both promote environmentally friendly driving and gauge the demand that electric vehicles will have in the future. 

Businesses also have the chance to pledge their workforce will go electric, by electrifying fleets and providing EV charge points for customers and employees. There are so many possibilities for a workplace to enforce electric solutions that benefit not just the people using the facilities, but also, the environment. Find out more on our previous blog.      


With the hashtags #evmeetups and #WEVD2022, EV drivers can meet up with other local EV owners in their area. These meets are perfect to talk about all things EV! It’s a great way to spread awareness and knowledge about the best-selling EVs and EV charge methods. But, the meets shouldn’t be just limited to EV drivers. What about those who have signed the pledge to make their next vehicle electric? Or, those who are just considering the change? 

These occasions are perfect for drivers who are still unsure about electric vehicles and can’t separate facts from fiction. They can get the low-down from experts and EV lovers. So, if you’re interested in meeting with your fellow EV drivers, fill in their form here and see what’s available in your local area.

Portable EV Charging Services

For these meet-ups, it’ll be pretty embarrassing if your electric vehicle runs out of charge. Especially if the area is in a remote location. Why not consider renting a portable EV charger that can be carried in your vehicle? This EV charge solution will allow drivers to remain fully connected no matter the journey, meaning they do not have to plan their route a certain way. All while avoiding busy and sometimes unreliable public stations. 

Also, for businesses that sign the pledge, portable chargers in car parks should always be considered. This way, employees can leave their vehicle charging and return to a fully charged vehicle by the end of the working day. It offers a great incentive for staff and customers to visit their shop as well. 

Elite EV Charge

At Elite, we provide temporary and permanent EV charging services throughout the UK. Whether you are looking for temporary charging facilities for your customers at events or simply workplace charging. There are many benefits of EV charge points throughout all types of businesses. No matter how off-grid the location may first appear. Portable EV charging is the solution to always stay connected to the network.

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