How Pop-Up EV Charging Zones can Boost Sustainability

Although grid charging is becoming increasingly popular, it isn’t an accessible option for everyone. There have been talks to expand the grid and help more remote locations get connected, but what about annual events where installing a grid charger is completely implausible? Events such as music festivals, sports games and even conventions and air shows could benefit greatly from pop-up electric vehicle (EV) charging zones. They possess plenty of benefits that branch out to more than just providing charge to off-grid areas…

Portable EV charging can provide an advertising backdrop that promotes the use of EVs, boosting an event’s sustainable credentials and providing more of an incentive for EV drivers. If you’re looking for EV charging for events, Elite Vehicle Charging can provide portable charging to destinations and events across the country, supplying a concierge service to keep chargers working at all times.

Showcase Your Green Credentials

All businesses from various industries are taking the necessary steps to lower their carbon footprint. Not only can it benefit the planet, but it can also showcase their dedication to tackling climate change. A big issue that dominates society right now, being as carbon neutral as possible can attract new customers and make you more visible to local authorities and even those that give out awards and commendations. Events that supply portable EV charging zones can really boast about the fact, highlighting their eco-friendly beliefs.

By highlighting your fight against climate change, you can attract some high-quality engagement from really influential people. Not only that, but you can attract more EV drivers simply looking for a mobile EV charging station that benefits them and their needs. You can find out more about our EV charging for events on our website here.

Attract More Guests to your Event

Those who drive an electric car will constantly be on the lookout for a charging point in order to decrease their range anxiety. If they’re travelling quite a distance to an event and discover that there are no EV charging points available, it could ruin their experience. They’ll be worrying about where the nearest charger is rather than relaxing or enjoying themselves. By providing EV charging zones that are fully portable, you can attract EV drivers, as they can leave their car, completely worry-free.

Installing an EV charger at certain events, such as a music festival, is pretty impractical. Once the event is over, the chargers will still be there, and completely obsolete. Once the event comes around again, they may have some issues after not being used for a long period of time. Portable EV charging from Elite comes with a complimentary concierge service to keep your chargers working at their very best.

Consider Offering Free Charging

Public charging points charge EV drivers for using their services. They often charge per hour, so if you’re just wanting to top up as you visit a restaurant or the shops, it’s a great opportunity. However, your guests will be at your event all day. Some might even be there for a full weekend if it’s a music festival. Therefore, expecting them to pay for charge as well as their ticket is a little insulting. Why not consider offering free charging? This way, you can provide EV drivers with more of an incentive to visit. Also, it could encourage more people to opt for an electric vehicle.

Here at Elite, we want to encourage as many people as possible to go for an EV to help the planet. Our portable EV chargers can be supplied to events across the country for a rental period suited to you. To find out more, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661 or fill out our contact form to receive a bespoke quote.