Portable EV Chargers: Are They The Future?

Around 35% of people in the UK do not want to switch to electric vehicles due to range anxiety. While the public EV charging infrastructure continues to expand, and technology advances, allowing new EVs to charge faster and have longer ranges. With plans to install portable electric vehicle charging stations at large-scale events as well as at home, Is it possible that portable EV chargers will persuade more people to make the switch?

What is a Portable EV Charger? 

It’s a  compact solution, coming in 4kWh to 8kWh sizes and can charge an electric car up to 20 miles in 30-60 minutes—depending on the vehicle’s battery spec.Portable ev chargers, with a focus on off-grid locations, improve a drivers experience and allow more satisfaction when commuting. Reducing range anxiety and allowing a hassle-free journey. EV drivers used to have to intricately plan their journeys in advance to ensure there was an EV charging point, yet with portable EV chargers – this is not necessary. 

Are Portable EV Chargers the Future?

Fuel prices have skyrocketed, as expected. Crude oil is drying up natural resources, there is no chance that fuel costs will ever return to where they were a decade ago. EVs, or electric vehicles, are now at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Especially now there are major developments in Lithium Ion Batteries and talk of increased storage capacity. With more EV’s, comes more electric car charging points – with over 30,000 in the UK as of 2022. 

Many manufacturers are now working on a quick charging portable charger that can charge your EV on the move. These portable chargers are substantially faster than traditional AC/DC chargers, which need you to transport your EV to the charging station. The need for portable EV chargers is growing as customers find them more convenient, efficient, and easy to use – it’s no wonder that people are switching to electric. Research shows that, Today there are an estimated 477,000 electric cars on the road in the UK and more than 790,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

Elite Vehicle Charging

Elite EV Charge provides both temporary and permanent EV mobile chargers for vehicles across the UK. Focusing on supplying the right EV chargers for events and off-grid locations. Ensuring our drives feel connected and do not experience range anxiety. If you want to keep up to date about everything regarding EV charging, check out our Twitter!