Which Seaside Towns Could Benefit From Portable EV Chargers?

As the sun starts to stay out for longer, and the kids are out of school, many families turn to the seaside through the summer. But, for EV drivers, spontaneous trips are hard to come by; since charging solutions need to be considered. Find out which major seaside locations can benefit from portable EV chargers and how Elite can help. 


Weymouth, Dorset

Also referred to as the “Naples of the North”, Weymouth located in Dorset is known for its expansive harbour and Georgian architecture. And you wouldn’t have thought that the seaside town would have an EV charging network in place. Despite on the Jurassic coast, the town’s charging facilities, including 3 50kW rapid chargers and 2 bp pulse ultra-fast chargers, are anything but prehistoric. 


For those requiring a fast charge, there is an Aldi that has 6 22kW AC charge points. Also, there is a Sainsburys with an additional 8 3kW points. However, as it is a tourist destination, why not hire portable EV chargers? This way, you aren’t forced to leave your car parked in supermarkets. Which, typically, have a time limit on how long you can charge and are primarily only for customers. This way, you can park wherever you want (or wherever there is space) and charge your vehicle whilst exploring the seaside. 

Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Now, to go up North. The “Lobster Capital of Europe” (as it calls itself), Bridlington is an ideal location for a day at the beach. However, for EV drivers, there are more factors to consider. Especially if they are wanting to avoid range anxiety. Therefore, before setting off, drivers will have to consider how much charge it will require for them to get to the coastal town and whether they can charge whilst out and about. 


Currently, there are more than 10 7kW charge points throughout the centre of Bridlington. Yet, is this enough? Especially during summer when thousands of Brits travel to the coast for chips and slots. By using portable EV chargers, drivers can rest assured that they can set their own points up and return to a fully charged vehicle at the end of the day.


Brighton, Sussex

One of the most popular seaside destinations, Brighton is a family-friendly attraction, with the Palace Pier and its famous pebble beach. Most recently, Brighton has been part of an EV charging trial, where two new charging bays were installed in a car park specifically designed for disabled people. 


This promotes inclusivity, not just for EV drivers, but for disabled spots as well; in collaboration with local disability groups Possibility People and Badge. This is also part of their EV charging network of more than 200,000 lamppost EV chargers. 

Blackpool, Lancashire

Blackpool has remained one of the most iconic seaside destinations in the UK, with a handful of tourist attractions such as Pleasure Beach, the Tower and the pier. In a previous blog, we discussed the attraction of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the lack of EV charging infrastructure surrounding the area. 


Instead, factor in portable EV chargers for future trips to the Lancashire town. With so many tourist attractions, you have a full day’s worth of activities to take part in. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about not having enough charge to make it home. Destination charging means that you can set up your own point and get on with your day! EVs are parked 80% of the time. So, why not utilise this time wisely?


Elite Electric Vehicle 

Elite EV Charge provides temporary and permanent mobile EV charging services for drivers across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events. We advocate the use of portable EV chargers to help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. 

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