Why Mobile Charging at Events is so Important

Making the switch to electric and hybrid cars is no small feat. There’s a lot to consider, including range, cost and getting to grips with how you operate an electric vehicle (EV) compared to one that uses non-renewable fuel. Charging stations are only really available in cities and towns. Deploying rapid charging points at remote areas is often expensive or impossible. When it comes to EV charging for events, there’s often a dilemma.

EV drivers are usually excluded when it comes to events, especially those located in off-the-grid areas. Many have to plan their journey’s religiously, something that other drivers sometimes take for granted. By deploying battery storage mobile charging points to remote locations across the UK; we can accommodate EV drivers, and in turn, meet the demand for EV’s that is rapidly increasing.


Car charging locations and range all need to be considered when going electric. It’s all good and well getting a full charge at home, but if you’re planning to travel a long way, you need to plan your journey strictly, especially if you’re venturing to remote locations. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we believe charging an electric car shouldn’t be difficult. By providing more mobile chargers to events, you’re becoming more accessible to EV drivers, which can increase visits to your event, and takes away the worry of charge and range.

We want to ensure that the anxiety surrounding electric car charging points are a thing of the past. Our battery storage mobile chargers are perfect for locations not hooked up to the infrastructure and can allow EV drivers to feel more at ease when travelling to certain events. We can deploy and rent out our cutting-edge battery storage chargers to help all EV customers suitably charge their car for their journey home.

Accommodating All Drivers

At most events, there aren’t really petrol stations deployed on-site where drivers with emissions vehicles can fill up. There are, however, petrol stations dotted across the country in high supply. The same can’t be said for electric charging points, however. Therefore, we need to provide an incentive for EV drivers to travel a long distance; such as the implementation of rapid chargers in car parks.

Events such as music festivals and sporting events can all benefit from battery storage mobile chargers. Many visitors who drive an EV will worry about charging points and range. By providing chargers for them, that worry is quickly eradicated.  Events often provide the perfect environment to charge cars in terms of space and time. Therefore our model is to provide cutting-edge EV technology that is flexible and scalable to off-grid locations where there is high demand over a fixed short period of time.

Meeting Demand

The more promotion electric vehicles receive, the more the demand for them increases. Due to the current amount of people driving electric vehicles, pricing is still quite high and charging in remote locations is sparse. This can often deter those living in off-the-grid locations to make the switch. By providing mobile chargers that don’t need to be connected to the grid, we can help increase and meet demand; allowing a smooth transition as petrol and diesel cars cease to be manufactured in 2030.

With demand for EVs increasing, there comes more choice, range and access to charging points. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we hope to increase this demand even further; providing off-the-grid mobile charging to remote locations across the UK. We care deeply about the planet and preserving the environment, and electric cars are one of the best ways to achieve this.

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