Reducing the Cost of Electric Charger Installation; Is it Enough?

Britain’s energy regulator Ofgem has recently announced plans to make it cheaper for charging stations to connect to the grid, after many destinations complained that the installation was costing them tens of millions of pounds. Motorway service stations, in particular, have long wished for cheaper installation to the grid in order to accommodate electric vehicle (EV) drivers. This is great on paper, but is it enough? There’s more to vehicle charging points than just connecting to the grid, including pricing, accessibility and practicality…

Battery storage charging points are an innovative way to get connected and minimise disruption caused to the environment and won’t cost you millions. Our portable car charging units here at Elite Vehicle Charging are suitable for all makes and models, and can be rented to events and destinations alike. The lowering of installation costs is a huge step forward in the EV surge, but how much can it bring to the table?

The Downside of Grid Chargers

Grid chargers are easy to spot across major towns and cities, particularly in public car parks and on the street. There are now more public charging stations than petrol stations in the UK, but chargers are all grouped into these more populated areas. Remote locations such as in Scotland or the Lake District often get left behind in this implementation of grid chargers, as it is usually too expensive or completely impossible. Installing grid chargers can take time and can disrupt daily life, meaning the alternative electric vehicle charging stations aren’t often considered. Annual events such as music festivals don’t accommodate EV drivers at all, so their carbon footprint can be severely affected.

Charging networks cost a hefty amount of money; local grids often need to accommodate greater demand for electricity, and can cost millions of pounds. By renting portable chargers, you can cut this cost significantly, and you don’t have to disturb the landscape to get them installed. Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we can even provide a concierge service to ensure your chargers are working at all times. To find out more, please visit our services page here.

Who Can Portable Chargers Benefit?

As previously mentioned, portable chargers can significantly benefit off-grid areas where getting connected is not an easy task. Even if it is possible, it causes significant disruption and isn’t the most practical option for those wanting to get connected as soon as possible. Destination charging is popular for those who travel long distances and need somewhere to charge for their drive home. Portable chargers are easy to use, and won’t cost local businesses a fortune in installation costs.

If you live in a populated town or city and connecting to the grid isn’t so much of a pipe dream, alternative routes could still be the best choice if you’re looking to save money. Our vehicle charge points can help businesses lower their carbon footprint and make a real difference as we attempt to tackle climate change and accommodate EV drivers.

How We Can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re passionate about the planet and protecting its best interests. Our portable vehicle chargers can be deployed anywhere across the country, to both destinations and events. Drivers often experience range anxiety when it comes to electric vehicles, and therefore avoid them. Our chargers can take these worries away, allowing drivers to charge their electric cars no matter where they are in the country.

If you would like to find out more about our EV charging stations, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2261. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.


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