What UK Events Contribute the Most to Carbon Emissions?

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, life changed in many ways, but not all of them were for the worst. Due to the fact that less people were driving their cars, going on holiday and venturing out in general, the environment benefitted somewhat. Seas looked clearer, and pollution rates in larger cities dropped. Now we’re getting back to normal, these carbon emission numbers are creeping back up. As people return to daily life, such as attending festivals and sporting events, we need to keep an eye on our impact on the environment. With rentable car chargers and portable electric vehicle (EV) units, we can make a big difference…

EV charging stations are a common sight across the country now, but since most models need to be connected to the grid, annual events such as music festivals tend to omit them from their sustainable plans. By providing battery storage electric car charging, we can accommodate EV drivers from all over the country, making events greener in the process. But what events are causing the most carbon emissions? With more guests comes more pollution, both in waste and transportation…

The Facts

In 2019, a report found that the UK events industry emits 1.2 billion kg of Co2 every single year. The majority of this figure comes from diesel, contributing to approximately the same amount of carbon emissions as the entire country of Malta. These emissions cost the country around £230 million each year, which not only damages the environment but affects our expenses and finances as a country too. The generators that are used at events contribute to around 1.5% of the country’s yearly diesel consumption, which is incredibly telling of our yearly habits.

On top of this, the sheer amount of people travelling to these events also contributes to the CO2 emissions of festivals. Many travels by car, others opt for public transport. No matter your mode of transportation, petrol and diesel is constantly being pumped into the air, steamrolling us ahead into a climate catastrophe. Events tend to ignore charging solutions due to the disruption that connecting to the grid can cause. If they opted to explore portable options, such as rentable car chargers, they could be doing themselves and the planet a huge favour.

What Are Events Already Doing… And What Could They Do Better?

Last year, Wide Awake festival kicked off for the very first time, alongside some sustainable pledges. The music festival promised to bury zero-waste in landfills, serve ethically sourced food and ban single-use plastics, alongside other eco-friendly alternatives to previously harmful ways. Other festivals have followed suit, introducing green pledges and encouraging their guests to clean up after themselves by using designated recycling bins. However, they’re still missing a trick, as transport to the festival contributes to more CO2 than anything else…

By introducing portable car chargers that suit all-electric vehicles, you can attract new guests, some of who are more eco-conscious than others. People with electric cars may find other ways to travel to your event or may choose to avoid it all together. By providing electric vehicle charging points, you can decrease the range anxiety, leaving guests safe in the knowledge that their vehicle is getting a full charge whilst they enjoy the event. EV owners will be more inclined to visit your event, increasing revenue and your green credentials in the process.

Our Portable EV Chargers

Here at Elite EV Charging, we’re passionate about the planet and developing new technology to help us meet our climate targets. Our portable chargers can be deployed to events and destinations across the UK, helping EV drivers stay connected and encouraging others to look towards an electric car today.

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