How to Avoid Infrastructure Issues with Battery Storage Chargers

Like all electrical appliances and connectivity systems, grid chargers can experience issues from time to time. Drawbacks such as structural damage and power cuts can affect a whole electric vehicle (EV) charging network, leaving people without power and, possibly, stranded. More people are finally switching to an EV; with the climate crisis worsening, people are taking action, but more needs to be done with the availability of vehicle charging points. But how can we avoid these infrastructure conundrums?
Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we deploy state-of-the-art battery storage chargers to destinations and events across the country, lowering our overall carbon footprint and tackling the effect that transport has on our carbon emissions. Our EV charging stations don’t need to be connected to the grid, making them the ideal choice for annual events and locations where connecting is either impossible or impractical. Connecting to the grid can cause all sorts of issues, so we need to avoid them, wherever possible…

The Belfast Issue

In Northern Ireland, the EV charging points and network as a whole are having issues that are actually deterring people from choosing an EV over an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. More than 600 people have signed a petition to the Infrastructure Minister to drastically improve the current network, as an increasing number of people have noticed that there are more broken chargers than working ones. This can increase an EV driver’s range anxiety, especially if they’ve driven a long distance to find that no chargers are working. The stress of finding an electric car charging point is worrying people to the point of trading their EV for an ICE vehicle, which is a step in the wrong direction…
Although most people charge at home, there still needs to be an adequate vehicle charging point network scattered across the entire country. Connecting to the grid can be disruptive and time-consuming, and as we steamroll towards a greener future, there is simply no time. Our battery storage chargers can both support the public charging network as well as establish one themselves, enabling events and destinations alike to aid EV drivers without the disruptive nature of connecting to the grid.

Charging On-The-Go

There are now more EV chargers than petrol stations in the UK, but these are mainly compiled into major towns and cities. When they aren’t working optimally, or there are connectivity issues, this can cause major problems for EV drivers who need somewhere to charge fast. This unreliable service can deter people from switching to EVs, as range anxiety can have a serious negative effect. Battery storage chargers help people charge on the go, stopping off at different locations without worrying that the charger may not work or be adequately connected.
Although portable vehicle charging points can still encounter issues from time to time, this worry is decreased by our personal concierge service. We can check and monitor the chargers you have rented to ensure optimal service, keeping all drivers connected and charged with a reliable service. To find out more about our services, please visit us here.

How We Can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to helping the country improve its carbon emissions. Transport contributes to one-fifth of the world’s carbon emissions, with emissions vehicles doing much more harm than good. Events such as music festivals are constantly looking for more ways to enhance their green credentials, but without portable chargers, they’re missing a trick. To find out more about how chargers can benefit events, please read our previous article here.
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