Rentable EV Chargers; How Can We Help?

As EV charger installation takes place more often across the country, some off-grid locations and certain events are ignoring the electric vehicle (EV) surge altogether, but not due to ignorance. Some people simply don’t know that there are portable EV chargers available if they don’t wish to connect to the grid, leave a legacy or cause major disruption. There are plenty of options for mobile EV charging for events available and rentable vehicle charging that supports off-grid locations. So, how can we promote this innovative technology?

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we provide electric car charging as a service rather than a fixed point, allowing businesses and events to test EV charging stations before they commit to installation. Our mobile EV charging service can be deployed and taken away with ease, taking away the costly disruption. If you’re considering renting your chargers, keep reading below.

Providing a More Cost-Effective Approach

Installing chargers directly to the grid can be an extremely costly affair. It can not only cost you money to buy and install the chargers, but it can be highly disruptive and shut down the various places where they’re being installed. This means that, if the chargers are being placed on a roadside, it could lead to excess traffic and disruption as the road may need to close. Also, if you find that some chargers are being left obsolete, it could be a colossal waste of money. By opting to rent, you can test the waters, and if it suits your needs, you can stick with rentals to reduce disruption.

Renting chargers costs significantly less than installing chargers, especially if you aren’t too sure if you want to install them or you’ll need them for a long time. To find out more about our public charging for events, please visit our services page here.

Testing the Waters

As mentioned in our previous article, rentable EV chargers are perfect for businesses that aren’t sure about committing to infrastructure charging. Charging points are becoming a necessity nowadays, but some businesses and events are finding it difficult to connect and find somewhere to even install. Therefore, by opting for rentable chargers, you can see how you really feel, and many chargers you will ideally need.

Our chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging come with a complimentary concierge service to give you peace of mind. When connecting to the grid, power outages and issues can put the infrastructure down, leaving EV drivers without sufficient charge. By providing a service to help fix faulty chargers, you can keep drivers connected when they stop off for charge, removing the range anxiety that puts so many drivers off opting for an EV.

Our Services for EV Charging at Events

Our chargers use battery storage technology rather than connecting to the grid to avoid disruption and save you money. We can provide our rentable EV charging points to events and destinations where connecting to the grid is either impractical or impossible. To find out more about our chargers, please get in touch today by calling 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.