Why Should I Test Out Rentable Chargers Before Installation?

As the country looks towards a greener future, provisions are being made for electric vehicle (EV) drivers everywhere. Electric cars are slowly but surely dropping in price, and following the COP26 summit, more Government incentives and plans are being drafted to help save the planet for future generations. These plans include installing as many charging points as possible in public places, but connecting to the grid isn’t possible for some, and can be quite disruptive. By promoting the idea to rent EV chargers, we can implement alternative charging solutions for locations that don’t wish to connect to the grid, or may want to in the future.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we pride ourselves on providing portable EV chargers to events and destinations alike, using state-of-the-art battery storage to provide EVs with a full charge or a top-up service. Connecting to the charging infrastructure can be costly and disruptive; our EV charge points provide a cost-effective solution that attracts more visitors to events and destinations and can be deployed and taken away with ease. If you’re considering a fleet of electric vehicle charging points, consider mobile chargers before you make a major decision…

Making a Conscious Decision

As more drivers take the plunge and opt for a more sustainable vehicle, we need to implement more provisions so they can charge without the ‘range anxiety’ that has become an issue due to the lack of chargers. Most businesses and public spaces will look towards EV charging stations that are connected to the grid due to their visibility in comparison to portable EV chargers. Therefore, by choosing to rent EV chargers, you can test the charging equipment and determine how many you need and where they need to be placed.

If you choose to install chargers to the grid, you may find that you have spent a large amount of money unnecessarily. The disruption caused in terms of access to your business could be great, and you may find that you’ve paid for chargers that aren’t being used. By opting to rent portable EV chargers, you can gain a sufficient idea of how many chargers you will need. Our mobile EV chargers come with a concierge service, allowing us to keep your chargers working optimally throughout your rental period.

Finding an Adequate Power Supply

Installing electric vehicle chargers requires leaving a ‘legacy’ behind, which means that once the chargers are placed, they’re hard to remove. That’s why installing more chargers than necessary can be quite costly to your business, but there are ways in which you can test the water before making a big financial commitment. Before you opt for installation, you might want to check that wherever you’re placing the chargers can provide enough power without becoming detrimental to the grid.

Electric grids can be overloaded and eventually cut out, leaving your chargers obsolete. When testing electric charging provisions with portable EV chargers, you can avoid these issues and supply sufficient charge to all guests without worrying about grid issues and power cuts. If you decide you no longer wish to install vehicle chargers, and would prefer a hassle-free rental option, we’re here to help.

How We Can Help

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we rent EV chargers to events such as music festivals and sporting events, attracting more guests and boosting your sustainability credentials. We also supply charge to destinations that find it difficult to connect to grid, ensuring they don’t get left behind in the EV surge.

If you would like to find out more, or to receive a quote, please fill out our online form, or give us a call on 0800 702 2661.