Why is Topping Up your Car Battery so Important?

With internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, it is commonplace to fill them up when we get a low tank, or when that little yellow light illuminates on our dashboard. As this is a common occurrence with petrol and diesel cars, some people who switch to an electric vehicle (EV) take this habit with them, which can actually prove to be their downfall. It is advisable to utilise electric vehicle charging points as a top-up system rather than to fully charge, as you can not only be waiting around for your vehicle to charge if you’re on the move, but it can have a significant impact on your journey…

Most EV drivers let their car have a full charge overnight at home or at car parks when they’re out for a long day. However, they aren’t available everywhere, and can leave some people without charge in the worst circumstances. Portable car chargers can be deployed to destinations and events alike, providing a charging network that doesn’t need to be connected to the grid. They’re perfect for accommodating drivers and events, and can even provide a top-up service for anyone who might not be sticking around for a longer period of time… 

Decreasing Range Anxiety

One of the main reasons the EV surge hasn’t taken off at such an accelerated pace is due to ‘range anxiety.’ This means that drivers are worried about their vehicles running out of charge during a journey, leaving them stranded and nowhere near a charging point. Public charging sites are becoming much more visible across the country, but they’re still quite sparse in off-grid locations. Electric car charging points that don’t need to connect to the grid can be the perfect solution for those wishing to top-up, especially if they’re on a long journey.

Rentable chargers, such as our battery storage alternatives here at Elite Vehicle Charging, won’t succumb to grid issues and can be deployed and taken away with ease. Drivers partaking in long journeys won’t want to wait until their battery is flat, and may wish to stop off at a motorway service station to just give their car a little extra juice. You can charge an electric car on the go with our battery storage chargers, and as a business, you can provide a service to boost your green credentials. 

Running out of Charge can be Daunting…

It’s hard to run out of charge in an electric vehicle, but only if you’re sensible. If you ignore the fuel light on your dashboard, you only have yourself to blame if you break down. The same applies to electric vehicles. When embarking on a long journey, try and top-up every now and again to make sure you don’t lose charge on the way. Zap Map can help you identify chargers on your journey, so you never get stranded again.

Some events, such as music festivals and annual events, choose not to have chargers at all as they don’t see the point in installing and connecting to the grid. Our charger rentals provide a great alternative, attracting more eco-conscious guests and making provisions for current EV drivers. To find out more about our services, please visit our website here.

How We Can Help with Vehicle Charging Points

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we care deeply about the planet, and are constantly looking for new ways to make a difference. Our portable car chargers are perfect for destinations and events that cannot adequately connect to the grid, allowing more people to reduce their range anxiety and switch to an EV quicker. Without topping up, vehicles can run out of charge more often, so by waiting until your battery is flat, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

To find out more about our services and our electric vehicle charging points, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.