Should I Install My Own EV Charging Point?

As the country moves into more carbon-free solutions, the number of EV charging points continues to increase. In 2021, partly due to the pandemic and petrol-shortage crises, more electric cars were sold compared to the last five years, with 18% of all new vehicle sales being electric. There are a lot of benefits to owning an electric vehicle, including cleaner energy and less damage to our environment, but how do you find a fast charge for daily use? Finding your perfect EV charging solution is a consideration to take before making the switch to an electric vehicle and there are a number of choices that could work for you.

What is an EV Charging Point?

An electric vehicle (EV) charging point is any location that the car can be recharged. Over the years, these points have become more frequent, populating the majority of cities and towns in common spaces such as shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. Petrol stations have also started adding several different points to include EV drivers, with Shell opening their first all-electric vehicle charging hub on the site of a former petrol station in London.

Most recently, business developers have been told that they must include EV charging points in their new builds, in an effort to move the population into carbon-free solutions. The Mayor of London has previously stated that he wants the city to become fully electric by 2030 and it seems petrol and diesel car sales will start to diminish. For more information, check out our previous article.

Home Electric Vehicle Charging Points

There are benefits to having your own permanent charging points. Firstly, it eliminates the problem that most EV drivers face: the dreaded range anxiety. This is when drivers stress about not having enough energy storage for journeys. Though there are hundreds of local petrol stations nearby each other, drivers of electric vehicles may worry about how having a point specifically for them. However, by having your own residential point, you can charge your electric vehicle whenever you want, releasing this stress before each trip.

Also, it means you can also decide on the time of charging. At stations, you might be wary of other drivers in the queue and not charge your car as much as you originally wanted. This works the other way as well; if you are in a rush and the driver in front of you needs to fully charge. Having your own home charging point means you can put yourself first and not have to worry about how long it will take.

However, installing a residential charging point can be disruptive. If you need a constant charge, this could potentially overpower the grid and shut off all electricity. They also need constant maintenance to ensure they do not break down. EV drivers should consider all options for their EV charging solutions.

Destination Charging

Destination charging allows EV drivers to set up their own portable points depending on their daily journeys. It eliminates the risk of range anxiety, as the drivers can choose where to recharge. Though there are plenty of charging points, in off-grid locations or small towns, they are rare. By having your own portable charger, you don’t have to worry about losing energy through your journey and always have a fast charge available.

Our Services

Here at Elite EV Charge, we offer a range of services electric vehicle charging solutions to help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint and do our bit to save the planet. One charger at a time. Through Event Charging, we support several different occasions across the UK, including music festivals, sports matches, car shows and drive-in cinemas. These features can save people time worrying about travel circumstances and avoid having range anxiety on the number of EV charging points available.

For those unsure if they want a portable charging point for their electric vehicle, we offer temporary contracts to be rented out. EV drivers can test our products to see if they are suitable for their daily driving needs. Get in touch for more information on how we can help with your daily electricity needs, either call us on 0800 702 2661 or send us an email at