New Homes Will Be Forced to Install Home EV Charging Point

In recent news, building developers have been informed that new homes in England will have to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points installed by law from next year. This is the government’s response to a major bid of trying to move more UK drivers away from the traditional petrol and diesel cars. 

The government already made an announcement back in November 2020 that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will end in the UK by 2030. With these new laws it is hoped that up to 145,000 new home charging points will be installed every year.

Home Charging Points 

There are many benefits to having a home EV charging point. Firstly, depending on its size a home charger can charge an electric car from flat to fully charged in anywhere between one and seven hours.

Secondly, unlike public charging points, being able to charge at home allows you complete control over the time you decide to charge your vehicle. Not only are charging stations hard to find, if you’re not first in line you can be waiting a while to top up. Finally,  a home EV charging point can add value to your property, which is always an added bonus.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) 

The EVHS is a grant that gives you a 75% contribution to the cost of one charging point and its installation. A grant is also capped at £350 including VAT per installation. The only requirement is that a member of the household owns or leases a qualifying vehicle and has a dedicated off-street parking space at their property. 

For more information on the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, visit the government’s website.

Portable EV Charging

As the UK gradually moves towards a greener future, could it be time for your business to get ahead of the competition? 

The thought of installing an EV charging station at your business location may seem daunting at first. The cost of the installation with the risk of lack of benefits can be a worry, what if the demand for an electric vehicle charger isn’t there yet. Whether you are a hotel owner, a business or even a music festival organiser, portable EV charging has its benefits.

Trialling out one of our destination chargers could save you the risk of installing too early, it also allows you to see if there is a demand now for your business to have a portable ev charger in place. To find out more on why you should test out a rentable charger before installation, read our previous articleGet in touch with us to find out the best EV charging solution for your business, either call us on 0800 702 2661 or send us an email at