How Can Music Festivals Benefit From Electric Vehicle Charging Points?

After a summer of music festivals (and actual heat), many festival goers have already bought their tickets for next year and planning their trip. However, for EV drivers, there are certain considerations they need to make. Will there be electric vehicle charging points?

EV Charging Point Benefits

There are many benefits to the inclusion of electric vehicle charging points at a music festival. Find out below how Elite EV Charge can help.


One problem with switching to an electric vehicle is the fear that there will be no available chargers when they need one. Range anxiety, the worry that you won’t make a certain journey, can stop people from buying an electric vehicle, even though there are various benefits.


If there are electric vehicle charging points in place, EV drivers may feel more included and that preparations have been made specifically for them. 

Environmentally Friendly

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Fully electric vehicles produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving; helping lower the planet’s carbon footprint. In fact, just one electric vehicle on the road can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2. 


Having electric vehicle charging points at a music festival actively promotes that specific event as having environmentally friendly goals. It is encouraging EV drivers to attend by providing relevant EV charging stations.


One disadvantage of a music festival is that typically they are in off-grid locations such as fields. Therefore, there may be no public chargers available in the area. So, if there are no chargers at the music festival, there are a chance drivers may struggle to find enough charge elsewhere. 


However, by renting temporary chargers for the weekend, drivers can easily charge their vehicle whilst attending the event. Portable EV chargers require no connection to the national grid and have their electric supply maintained in the device. Drivers can leave their vehicle charged, with the confidence knowing, when they return, they will have enough charge. 

Event Charging

Event charging is actually what the name suggests. As the 2030 ban on fossil-fuelled cars is coming up, it is important that enough charging facilities are available for the demand this will cause. So, for various events, electric vehicle charging points should be considered where there is parking. 


At Elite EV Charge, we provide event charging services for all types of affairs. From sports events to the biggest music festivals. It is important that EV drivers feel comfortable driving and that they will have enough charge to make it home afterwards. Find out more about event charging here. 

Which Festivals Can Benefit From Electric Vehicle Charging Points?

With the restrictions lowered and festivals returning to normal, there are certain festivals that would benefit from electric vehicle charging points. Apart from city festivals such as Tramlines and Live at Leeds, typically music festivals take place in a field that is remote and off-grid. Therefore, how can electric vehicle drivers be assured they will have enough charge once the festivities are over? 


Music festivals such as Y Not (which is in the Peak District) and Reading and Leeds Festival (which are in Little John’s Farm and Bramham Park respectively) could benefit from electric vehicle charging points. If these festivals rented EV charging stations, not only is this an incentive for more EV drivers to attend but, it also promotes the event as an environmentally friendly music festival. For more information on the different types of music festivals, why not check out our previous blog here?

Cinch and Latitude Festival

Latitude is an annual music festival that typically takes place towards the end of July. Since 2006, Latitude has been held in Henham Park in Suffolk and has seen massive headliners such as Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol (who brought out Ed Sheeran), Lana Del Ray and The Killers.


However, over recent years, the music festival has had a different name. cinch presents Latitude introduced the biggest source of electric vehicle charging points at a music festival to date. For 2022, there were 60 spaces available to book, so that music goers can leave their electric vehicle charging whilst out enjoying the day. The spaces were a first come, first serve; pre-books were available. The same rules will apply for the festival next year, taking part between 20 and 23rd of July 2023.   


Elite EV Charge

At Elite, we provide permanent and temporary electric vehicle charging points for businesses and individuals. Whatever your requirements are, either for destination charging or specific events that you want to charge your electric vehicle at, Elite EV Charge are here to help.


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