The Issue with Street Charging; How to Choose Better Alternatives

As more and more people opt for an electric vehicle (EV), the demand for street charging and home EV charging points has increased. EV charging stations are now more visible in busy towns and cities, allowing EV drivers to charge their car as they go about their daily business. However, they aren’t without their issues, as drivers are quick to point out. They can often lose connection, and the cost and time it takes to install them is quite disruptive. Despite this, there are alternatives that can make all the difference…

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to constantly finding new ways to change the EV charging infrastructure as the greater public knows it. Our portable EV charging stations don’t need to be connected to the grid, lowering disruption and providing businesses and event organisers alike with a cheaper, more practical option. They’re perfect for destination charging and event charging alike, and can top-up vehicles on the go. Most importantly, they could be the answer to street parking’s woes…

The Loss of Pedestrian Spaces

Residents in Cardiff have recently been in uproar concerning an EV that was parked on the pavement as it charged, completely blocking off pedestrian access. The arguments caused residents to question the usefulness of EVs, but it is certain street parking placements that are causing the issue. It’s true that some electric vehicle charging stations on the street are taking away pedestrianised spaces, causing issues for pushchairs and wheelchairs especially. By providing portable EV chargers to destinations, drivers may no longer feel the need to block off pavements, as their car will be sufficiently topped up.

Most EV drivers will charge their vehicle at home with chargers that use the electricity supply from their own mains, but when out and about, they will need to charge. Portable EV charging points not only provide a great place to top-up, but can help EV drivers charge their cars in other spaces that take them away from the streets.

Infrastructure Problems

There have been many different instances of EV chargers connected to the grid that have lost power or struggled to work. Power cuts can severely affect the efficiency of street chargers, and can leave drivers without a suitable place to charge. Connecting to the grid can also be a challenge, as it takes time and can be quite costly. They can close off entire streets, causing disruptions and excess traffic. Mobile EV chargers can simply be deployed and taken away with ease, with no need to connect.

Although street charging is a necessity in today’s modern times, it may not be an option for all locations. Off-grid destinations such as the Lake District don’t have enough chargers to support the growing number of EVs, but there is a way to solve the conundrum. Most EV charging companies in the UK will install their chargers for a more permanent solution; our chargers can provide charge to places where connecting to the grid is either impractical or impossible. To find out more about our services, please visit us on our website here.

Lack of ‘Top-Up’ Promotion

Some people still have anxiety when it comes to an electric car’s range, as there is not enough information out there to ease their fears. Many don’t believe they have the time to wait for their cars to fully charge, which is why we believe in the value of promoting topping up as you go. If you notice your battery getting low, top it up before you find yourself in a predicament. Street charging is mainly for people who have no driveway, and they aren’t usually used for topping up a battery, but rather giving a full charge. With more portable chargers at destinations and events, more people can see the benefit and keep themselves charged, relaxing their reliance on-street chargers.

Here at Elite Vehicle Charging, we’re dedicated to helping the planet combat climate change, one charger at a time. If you would like to find out more, or to receive a quote, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here.


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