What To Remember For Your Next EV Road Trip

As more EV drivers decide to stay within the UK for their holidays, 53% of us spending 2022 on home ground, it is important to consider a number of factors before setting off. “What are the closest EV charging points near me?” “Does my EV have sufficient electrical range?”

These questions should be answered before any long drive journey. Check out this helpful guide on considerations that should be taken.

Plan Ahead

For long journeys, you can plan ahead to make life easier. You do not want to be stranded on the side of the road, miles away from the nearest charging point. So beforehand, you should ensure you will have enough charge to make it and not have any range anxiety.

You can use apps such as ZapMap to create easy routes and find the level of the charge they produce. For longer journeys, you can find stations that have DC fast chargers to optimise your charge. Sometimes, you may need to change your entire journey to ensure you have enough charge. This could either be an adventure, or a hindrance; depending on your route.

Know Your EV’s Range

This all depends on your specific car. Some EVs can only cover a basic distance before needing to recharge their battery. Look at your battery on regular trips, such as the commute to work. From this, you will be able to judge how much you will need to charge throughout the long journey. Especially if you will be taking the motorway or country roads with the national speed limit.

Where Will You Sleep?

For journeys that require overnight stays, it is important you can find somewhere safe to charge your electric car. It is a great and convenient way to get fully charged, without having to waste any time stopping whilst driving during the day. Some hotels have permanent chargers for their guests, whilst others may rent portable chargers for certain events. 

Whatever the case, you can use apps such as EV Hotels to ensure where you book will have a space for your car. Typically, however, there are not enough chargers to satisfy every guest’s electric vehicle; especially if they are fully booked. In these cases, alternative portable options should be considered.

Bring a Portable Charger

Having portable EV chargers is a great investment for drivers. You do not have to worry about issues regarding how many chargers there are. Planning ahead is a good idea, however, sometimes your route may depend on the availability of chargers. You shouldn’t have to count this though. As the driver, you should be able to decide where you charge and when.

Portable EV chargers are also great if you are renting an EV. It acts as a cost-effective solution for the journey. There are also various connectors and adapters at places such as caravan parks or campgrounds that you can use. Make sure you use a portable charger from a company you can trust. If you’re asking the question, “where are EV charging points near me?” – you have your answer! With you at all times. 

EV Charging Points Near Me

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide a wide range of charging solutions for electric vehicles. Depending on your situation, we can offer temporary or permanent portable EV chargers to make your driving easier and more convenient. You shouldn’t have to rely on charging stations that may have queues with long waiting times. Especially if they are slower chargers. However, with portable chargers, you get to decide when and where to charge.

You don’t need to ask “what are the closest EV charging points near me?” Put your trust in a professional charging company!

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