What Should My First EV Be? Tips on Choosing UK Electric Vehicles for First-Time Buyers

Doesn’t it sound great to drive an electric vehicle that you plug into the wall instead of filling up with gas? It sounds even better when you consider the many additional advantages that UK electric vehicles have over typical gasoline-powered fossil-fuelled vehicles, such as quick acceleration and virtually no engine noise.


Check out these helpful tips for first-time buyers of electric vehicles and things to remember before purchasing.

Cost-Effective UK Electric Vehicles

Drivers may want to make the switch to an electric vehicle, however, are concerned about the price. Though electric cars are typically more expensive than fossil-fuelled vehicles, there are government incentives in place to aid with cost and help first-time buyers with a discounted price. EV drivers can get up to £3,000 off the expense of buying an electric car. The electric vehicle must be no more than £50,000 and the aware will pay 35% of the price. So, this should be considered when looking at cost-effective vehicles, as it can help extend your budget. 


The cheapest UK electric vehicle available on the current market is the Skoda E CitogoeiV. Costing £15,000 and with rapid charging available up to 80%, the smaller car is ideal for first-time EV drivers that will only need to use their car to commute and get around town.


Or, why not check out the Nissan Leaf? Which helped launch electric vehicles into the mainstream. Reaching around 120 miles on a full charge, this early model is ideal for drivers whose range is limited and are wanting a good value for money. Prices range from £10,000 for a second-hand model.

How Far Do You Need to Travel? 

Are you requiring an electric vehicle for a simple commute? Or, do you take several trips across the UK? Before looking at EVs, you should consider the types of trips you make on a regular basis. According to the RAC, the average UK commute is only 20 miles round trip. Thus, most electric cars can handle weekly travel on a single charge. However, if you drive a lot or take lengthy journeys frequently, you should look at models with a longer range. 


The Kia e-Niro is both a cost-effective option and has approximately 235 real-world miles. From costs starting at £32,955, it is one of the cheaper electric vehicles for the distance it has. Perfect for first-timers who are wanting to explore their new UK electric vehicles.


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Look at Electric Charge Points Near You

This can all depend on your location. Typically, public charge points will be found in popular areas such as supermarkets and shopping centres. As a result, when the electric vehicle is parked, you can get on about your day and leave the car charging. Make sure you also check the company you work for and if they have any incentives for EV drivers; such as access to free chargers or specific charging bays. 


It’s important before you purchase an electric vehicle, that you understand the availability of charging solutions. Especially if you live in a more remote and rural location, where there aren’t as many charge points compared to cities. 


Or, why not obtain your own portable EV charger? First-time EV drivers can benefit from having their own charger, which they can store at all times in their vehicle. This way, they can be confident in making a journey with enough charge; choosing where, when and for long they charge; not having to worry about charging at public stations and encountering any drivers who are experiencing “charge rage”. 


Elite Electric Vehicle 

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