What is Graze Charging?

New to the electric vehicle industry, the term “graze charging” refers to a process that pretty much all drivers will implement at some point. Finding an EV charge point can sometimes be difficult if there are long waiting times or queues; leading to many feelings of frustration and “range anxiety”. Yet, there is a simple solution to this…


Find out what “graze charging” is here and how portable EV charge points can help.


Home Charging 

Many EV drivers have started to install their own charging points in their homes. Even recent law has stated that new homes will be required to have electric vehicle charge points installed on the premises in the UK. Buildings that have parking must also allow drivers to have access to available EV charge points.


But, what about drivers who do not have access to either on-road parking or cannot install a home EV charge points? At Elite, we have previously discussed the disadvantages of installing your own EV charging point. Frequent overcharging can affect the local grid and bump up electricity bills. For this, other EV charge solutions should be considered.  


What is Graze Charging?

Graze Charging refers to EV drivers choosing to charge their vehicle on the go, typically wherever they decide to park. When a driver sees an available EV charge point, they plug their vehicle in regardless of how brief the length of time is. It’s the same as charging your phone whenever and wherever possible. 


Think about the working week; at the office 9-5 and having to do a weekly shop at your local supermarket. And, these are only two common ideas. For those who cannot charge at home, EV drivers should look at the local public infrastructure and how much it will cost to charge in these areas. Or, look for locations where setting up portable EV chargers is manageable. 


Studies have shown that around 80% of the time, electric vehicles are parked and not in use. So, why not use this time to your advantage? Setting up portable EV charge points ensures drivers can get on with their day and feel confident that once returning to their vehicle, they will have enough charge. All without having to venture to public charging stations that may be out of the way and have long queues. 


The Benefits of Portable Chargers

Those who drive long distances for work may find portable EV charge points beneficial. Keeping them in their vehicle ensures that EV drivers can set up their own charge points whenever and wherever they deem fit. Implementing graze charging solutions, even if there is no public charge point available, drivers can still charge their vehicle whilst parked, wherever that may be. 


The good news is that many car and breakdown companies are beginning to install portable electric car chargers in their repair cars. In this way, in emergency situations, the driver knows that their supplier can offer electricity on the side of the road, just as they do with gasoline or diesel automobiles, allowing all drivers to get back on the road. As the use of electric vehicles grows, garages and dealers are expected to add portable electric vehicle chargers to their service vans on a frequent basis. However, this is still a working progress, so drivers should consider hiring their own personal EV charge point.

Elite EV Charge

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