What Does York’s HyperHub Mean For EV Charging Stations in the UK?

In York, England, two electric vehicles (EV) HyperHubs are opening. They are meant to serve as examples of good design for urban electric vehicle charging stations, providing quick, simple, and economical charging for EV drivers. So, what does this mean for the future of EV charging stations UK? Find out more here.

York; a Green City

According to the City of York Council, they have focused on creating a green environment, using innovative technologies. They were one of the first major cities to introduce public charging stations when the EV industry first began to take off. In 2014, there were 1,510 EV chargers; which has continued to increase over the years. 


Alongside the rest of the UK, there have been actions to ban the sale of new fossil-fuelled cars by 2030 and plug-in hybrids to end in 2035. It is forcing a change for the country to become fully electric and help lower the planet’s carbon footprint. 

What is York’s HyperHub?

On the 15th of June, York’s electric vehicle HyperHub opened at Monks Cross, located next to a Park and Ride site. Featuring four 175kW ultra-rapid chargers, which can be upgraded to 350kW, it is one of two electric vehicle charging stations planned for the city and is one of the largest hubs in the North of England. 


These projects are a collaboration between the City of York Council and EvoEnergy; acting as a crucial component of their green strategy. In order to ensure the HyperHubs met the demands of locals and commuters, a wide range of challenges were examined. This included the busiest locations; where there weren’t enough chargers; and queue times. 


It is aiding in the transition for drivers to become fully electric. Some drivers may worry about the lack of EV charging stations in the UK and this is a step in the right direction. 


Also, York’s HyperHub has a solar canopy, so the site creates its own renewable energy. Consequently, this is stored in the Tesla electric car batteries.  


What Does This Mean For EV Charging Stations UK?

Typically, public EV chargers consist of a couple of points at petrol stations and other complexes. There doesn’t seem to be an entire location dedicated to electric vehicles, unlike petrol and diesel vehicles. Which doesn’t help with the 2030 ban and the UK’s mission to become fully electric. However, York’s HyperHub can start to address this issue.


The HyperHub has been designed and created specifically for electric vehicles. With the point of being entirely green, including the solar-panelled roof, this public charging station is just the first of many to come. It not only makes EV drivers feel included in society, but it also encourages destination charging. This is because, as it is essentially a car park, drivers can park their vehicles and leave them charging whilst out and about. The City of York Council has considered the location as one of the major factors. As it is located in the centre, EV drivers can go to work, or run errands and feel confident they will be returning to a charged vehicle.


It is a step in the right direction and opens up a variety of opportunities for EV charging stations in the future. 

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