How to Avoid Charge Rage

It can be frustrating trying to find a suitable and reliable location to charge an electric vehicle. EV charging point installation across the UK has made charging the easiest it has ever been. Yet, are there enough electric car chargers to meet the demand? Charge rage can happen to a driver that is so frustrated with the lack of resources for EVs, that they take it out on other drivers.


But, how can drivers of all vehicles adapt and reduce the risk of charge rage? 


What is Charge Rage?

Charge rage refers to the high tensions EV drivers may experience when fighting over electric car charging points. This can occur in busy holiday periods, such as in summer when schools have broken up, and in entertainment complexes. 

Don’t Park Petrol or Diesel Cars in EV Charging Bays

Surely, there’s nothing more annoying than this for EV drivers wanting to charge whilst out. Often referred to as “ICE-ing”, a driver may feel charge rage when wanting to charge their vehicle, but cannot as there are no bays free. All because an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car is parked there. This usually happens because either the car park is overcrowded and those bays are the only ones available, or the charging bays are typically close to an entrance. Non-EV drivers may want to park as closely as possible and do not care that they have no use for the actual function of the bay.


There’s a simple solution to this. For petrol and diesel drivers, just don’t park there! We understand that it can be frustrating driving in circles around a car park, searching for space. However, think how frustrating it must be for EV drivers who are in dire need of a charge and cannot because there is an ICE blocking their path. 

Don’t Unplug Another EV That’s Charging 

For EV charging point installation, the idea is that drivers respect the other vehicles charging and never unplug a charging electric car. Yet, there are certain instances where this does happen, either accidentally or intentionally. The other person could believe the car has finished charging, or if their electric vehicle desperately requires a small amount of charge (15 minutes).


Whatever the case, it is still rude and can create charge rage. For destination charging, drivers expect if they go to a place and charge their vehicle whilst out, the electric car charger will still be connected when they return. So, ensure this is the case. However, there is a concern that there will not be enough chargers to meet demand, even though there have been frequent EV charging point installations across the UK. Drivers concerned should consider alternative charging solutions. 

Portable EV Chargers

At Elite, we have made our thoughts clear on portable EV charging. There are many benefits to this charging solution and its popularity is only going to increase. Some companies suggest installing home charging points, however, what if this is not possible? Though it would alleviate charge rage, around 40% of households in the UK do not have allocated off-street parking. This would require EV drivers to find alternative electric car chargers and rely on the limited public charging network. Where charge rage can easily occur. 


In these cases, portable EV chargers are ideal. EV drivers should not have to rely on public EV charging stations, which can have long waiting times, a limited number of electric car charging points, or even situations where an ICE has parked there instead. Portable EV chargers instead give the driver the choice of where and when to park. And, it would be uniquely yours, so you don’t have to worry about anyone using it whilst you wait. 


Elite Electric Vehicle

Here at Elite EV Charge, we provide temporary and permanent mobile charging solutions for EVs across the UK. Whether this is destination charging or hiring charge points for events, our portable EV charging solutions are ideal for those on the go. All while contributing to the global goal of lowering our planet’s carbon footprint. One charger at a time.

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