Where Have EV Charging Stations Dropped in the UK?

According to a study, 228 out of 375 local authorities missed their EV charging stations and infrastructure targets that were set up over the last year. Although many places are expanding their charging network, 12 locations failed to even add a single charging point from July 2021 to July 2022.


As there will be a focus on electric vehicles and more specifically, the availability of chargers, it is important that drivers understand what areas of England are still lacking their charging infrastructure. And how portable EV charging can benefit these grey areas. 


South East

According to LeaseLoco, a car leasing company, they have recently conducted a survey in which they analysed the number of EV charging stations compared to the number this time last year. In the study, they found that the South East area was one of the worst performing regions in the UK. And this is shown in the individual cities. 


For instance, Canterbury, which already had a small network, had 65 EV charging stations listed in July 2021, but now there are just 48 the following year. This equates to a -26% change. Also in the South East, the number of public charging stations in Luton has decreased by 10% over the past year, going from 50 to 45. And Milton Keynes has decreased by 5% as well. 

Car Parks

Back in 2021, Boris Johnson announced that the government was going to focus on ensuring that EV charging stations will available in sites such as supermarkets and office blocks that have large car parks. This was in response to the 2030 ban, where new petrol and diesel vehicles were to be put out of manufacturing production. In November 2021, the government expected this movement to create at least 145,000 new charge points each year.


However, just a month later, the government quietly reverted their decisions of all offices and shops having charging points set up. Instead, only EV charging stations were only required in new commercial premises rather than retrofitting pre-existing buildings. This backtrack received various criticism from environmental groups.


Installing EV charging stations may be too expensive for every supermarket and shopping centre, yet, with the government stating they will need hundreds of thousands of charging points each year, these steps might have to be taken. However, until then, portable EV charging for drivers may be the solution to guarantee they have charge when they park. Find out more information on the benefits portable EV charging stations can have on car parks here. 

Portable EV Charging Stations

To guarantee that their vehicle remains charged throughout their driving, portable electric vehicle chargers should be considered. Although there may be a lack of EV infrastructure in certain areas of the UK, especially in those areas just mentioned, that shouldn’t mean drivers remain disconnected. Instead, new technology has allowed drivers to actually possess the power of when and where they choose to charge their vehicles.


So, though shops, offices and factories were supposed to have charging points installed, drivers can instead set up their own charge points. As cars spend most of their time parked, drivers should be able to utilise this no matter their journey. Whether this is long journeys through the countryside, or simply parking whilst at work, consider portable EV charging stations to be stored in your vehicle. 

Elite Electric Vehicle

At Elite EV Charge, we provide and install portable EV charging stations throughout the UK. We understand the importance of remaining fully charged no matter how off-grid the journey may appear. That’s why our portable EV chargers are ideal for all drivers to store in their vehicles and set up their own charge points wherever they like.


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