Where Should EV Charging Stations Be Mandatory?

Earlier this year (2021), the Government announced that all new buildings must have electric vehicle (EV) charging stations installed. This includes workplaces and homes in preparation for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles ceasing to be manufactured in 2030. However, there’s an argument that EV charging points should be made mandatory in other places, especially as the demand increases. This demand can lead to a significant impact being made on the grid. In order to make up for this, portable EV chargers could be a great solution.

Our mobile EV charging points here at Elite Vehicle Charging are powered by battery storage and require no connection to the grid. This lowers the disruption that is usually caused by installing chargers, and be a cost-effective alternative. It also makes provisions for off-grid locations, providing destination charging and a top-up service for event guests too. We should soon be in a place where there are no concerns about EV charging, as they become so visible, they’re commonplace…

Business Car Parks

All new workplaces, from 2022, will need to have EV charging points installed by law. This is a great step in the right direction, as we can encourage our employees to go green and choose an electric or hybrid car. However, most workplaces are already established, and their car parks may not make provisions for EV drivers. 

Range anxiety is a big factor that puts a lot of people off opting for an EV, and if their workplace doesn’t even accommodate, they have every reason to feel that way. All businesses should consider installing EV charging stations; if the connection to the grid is unstable, or you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, look towards portable EV charging instead.

By providing charge for your employees who drive electric vehicles, you can keep retention levels up. As we move forwards in the EV surge, more and more people will be driving zero-emission cars. If your workplace does not provide for them, they may turn away. You can also attract new employees with the benefits of onsite charging by highlighting your dedication to a greener future. To find out more about the various EV charging services we provide, please visit us here.

Shopping Centres and Public Spaces

As mentioned in our previous article, some supermarkets in the USA are installing EV charging points with the ability to have food delivered to your car as you charge. This is a great incentive to get more people driving EVs, and could be something implemented in the UK. Some large shopping centres in the country have EV charging points, but nowhere near enough to support the number of EV drivers that are soon to be on the roads

People usually go shopping for long periods of time, so will usually need a top-up station to get them home on a sufficient enough battery. If installing grid chargers would be too disruptive, mobile EV charging could be considered.

Public spaces such as car parks at venues, retail parks and even attractions are in desperate need of more EV charging stations. Take popular UK theme parks, for instance. Alton Towers in Stoke-On-Trent currently provides no EV charging stations for guests, but state that they are looking to provide them at some point in the future*. Thorpe Park in Surrey currently have four EV charging points* but this won’t be enough to support a whole country that will soon be driving electric vehicles. 

EV Charging Points in Off-Grid and Annual Events

In certain locations in the UK, EV charging points are in abundance. It’s not hard to find a charger in big cities such as London and Birmingham. However, in some less populated areas, chargers are sparse. Just because the grid is not up to standard in some destinations, this does not mean that chargers cannot be deployed. Our EV chargers can be stationed in remote destinations, providing charge for drivers and attracting more tourism.

EV charging at events is something our team here at Elite Vehicle Charging are trying to promote as much as possible. Events such as music festivals certainly don’t have enough provisions for EV drivers, as connecting to the grid is impractical. Mobile EV charging at events is an important consideration to make, as you can allow guests to charge their cars, helping them relax at your event. It can also boost your green credentials, and make a real difference to the climate.

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*all information correct at time of publishing