Which Christmas Markets Should EV Drivers Visit?

Christmas Markets With EV Chargers

There is something special about Christmas markets, nothing compares to them. A hot cup of cocoa, Christmas shopping, the lights and not to mention the opportunity to meet Sants. What’s not to love? Well for EV drivers the daydream of the festive season can soon become a nightmare. 


That’s why for all you EV drivers who want to visit and fully enjoy the Christmas period without running out of charge it’s worth looking into the EV charging point situation before visiting some of the biggest Christmas markets in the UK. As discussed in our previous article, EVs don’t hold the best charge in colder weather, so you must know where to charge while you’re browsing the market for goodies. 


Christmas markets are highly unlikely to provide drivers with specialised EV charging solutions, which is unfortunate as they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. But as most are located in city centres, there should be plenty of electric vehicle charging options available, whether at public chargers or in hotels. To help you get started on planning your trip, we have put together a list of the top Christmas markets in the UK and where you can charge up! 


Winter Wonderland 

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, one of London’s premier Christmas markets, runs from 18th November 2022 to 2nd January 2023, giving you plenty of time to soak in the city’s holiday lights, classic market square, and authentic German market ambience.


There are numerous charging stations in the area, including various Ubitricity options on neighbouring streets, hotel-based options from companies like Pod Point and others, and BP Pulse alternatives at Q-Park (W2 2ET).


Manchester Christmas Market 

From 12th November 2022 to 5th January 2023, the Manchester Christmas markets are open, allowing you more than enough time to take in all the street performances and live music as well as the many opportunities to shop for holiday presents. Although the Piccadilly Gardens (M1 1AF) area hosts the majority of the Christmas market, other areas in 2022 featured French, Italian, Turkish, and British street food vendors for a truly international experience.


The following Q-Park locations have charging stations nearby the Manchester Christmas market: Piccadilly Place (eight connectors), and Piazza (four connectors).


York Christmas Market 

Without York, a list of the top Christmas markets wouldn’t be complete. York features a Victorian-style Christmas market vibe, an outdoor food court, kiddie rides, and a tonne of holiday shopping. It occurs from November 17th through to December 23rd 2022. Since 1992, St. Nicholas Fair has been a tradition in York’s streets throughout the holiday season. This year commemorates its 30th year. From 10am to 7pm every day, the well-known alpine chalets line Parliament Street and St. Sampson’s Square, creating a festive wonderland with a variety of local vendors and artisan goods.


Nunnery Lane Car Park has charging facilities available to the general public along with Lendal Tower which has a Pod Point charge point, and the Q-Park Shambles has a LiFe charge point.


Edinburgh Christmas Market 

One of the best Christmas celebrations can be had at this market, which features a tonne of holiday decorations, treats, and opportunities to shop for homemade goods. Edinburgh’s Christmas market runs from November 19th 2022 to January 3rd 2023, so the holiday village remains open well into the new year.


The Radisson Blu hotel has two ZeroNet chargers in addition to Tesla Destination chargers. The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa also has two Tesla destination chargers. Further away from the hub of activity on George Street, there are more chargers.


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