Why Events Seriously Need to Consider Portable Charging

As the world gets back to business and recovers from the past year, large events such as music festivals and football matches are starting to welcome guests back. Since the pandemic hit, the number of people driving electric vehicles (EV’s) or plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) has almost doubled. Event organisers need to make sure they’re accommodating for this rise, and they need to consider looking towards portable EV charging for their events.

Our battery storage EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging are perfect for events of all kinds, as our chargers are compatible with all kinds of electric and hybrid vehicles. Our charging stations are battery storage powered, making them perfect for locations where connecting to the infrastructure is either impossible or too expensive. With portable electric car charging, more drivers can be accommodated, thus contributing to the rise of EV’s…

‘Top Up’ Qualities

When you know you’ll be out most of the day, and you notice that your phone won’t last the day on the charge it’s currently on, what do you do? The smart thing would be to top it up with extra charge so that it lasts longer. This is what battery storage chargers can give EV drivers at events; somewhere to top up their battery whilst they enjoy their day. This can also take some of the range anxiety away from EV drivers, as they don’t have to worry about religiously planning their journey to ensure there’s somewhere to charge.

Whether their battery is depleted or not, topping up at any given opportunity is a great incentive to visit an event, as it takes away the fear of not being charged up enough. Plenty of people who wish to visit events across the country worry their electric vehicle won’t get them there, and therefore either decide against it or haul their belongings onto public transport. All our portable chargers are available for rent to all kinds of events, which you can find more information about here.

It Will Accommodate All Drivers

Although the incentives are there and demand is increasing, there still isn’t enough accommodation for EV drivers at certain locations. Only a few supermarkets in smaller towns and cities have an EV charging network in their car parks, leaving most drivers worrying about making it home on the charge they have. By implementing portable chargers at your event, you can welcome all kinds of drivers, and increase visitors.

The public charging infrastructure isn’t as widely available in more remote locations; therefore we need to ensure these areas don’t get left behind in the EV surge. As more technology is developed to produce faster charging times and increase the miles of range per hour, compensating for a lack of infrastructure is often ignored. Therefore, we hope to help these areas catch up with larger cities and towns by providing charging alternatives that don’t require connectivity to the grid

Generate Revenue

When you implement better technology and incentives for EV drivers, you get more people travelling to your event, which of course increases revenue. As more people opt for an electric vehicle, there need to be more opportunities for them to charge their vehicle when they’re out and about. By providing portable battery storage EV charging for events, this can convince more people to travel to your event, generating more money.

The price of renting EV chargers can easily be covered by the increased amount of people coming to your event due to this attractive incentive. Our EV chargers here at Elite Vehicle Charging are suited to all-electric vehicles, allowing you to accommodate all drivers. If you wish to find out more about our services, or you would like to enquire about renting, please give us a call on 0800 702 2661.